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Mutual Fund Account

  • SCB Select Equity Fund (SCBSE)
  • SCB Dividend Stock Open End Fund (Dividend) (SCBDV)
  • SCB Dividend Stock Open End Fund (Dividend) (SCBLTT)
  • SCB Equity RMF (SCBRM4)

Monthly transfer service

  • Automatic monthly transfers help build up your investment.

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Required documents

Identity verification Copy of I.D. card, passport, government employee card or state enterprise employee card.

Proof of Passport

Acceptable primary proofof identity includes, but is nolimited to, original.

Proof of address

A document issued by a government department that shows your address.

Terms & Conditions


  1. You may receive a return that is less than the amount you invest in the case of any fund with a partial risk guarantee.
  2. Read about the investment policy and operations of each fund at www.scbam.com
  3. For more information and a prospectus, please contact any SCB branch. You should understand the investment product characteristics, conditions, returns and risk before making a decision to invest.

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