Annoying person who misses the most

By: Napaporn Trivitvareekul

Hi-Light :

  • Many times, we think that things will stay with us like this for a long time. Regardless of who is or how much we love it, we only have a single moment together. True, but only when the love is expiring, or we separate by death

One day I had an opportunity to read Khun Dang Thanya Sophon, and then tears. Khun Dang posted that

The grandchild asks grandma, "What disadvantages do think Grandpa has?"

Grandma responds, "There are countless, like stars in the sky."

The grandchildren asked again that "Does Grandpa have any advantages?"

Grandma replied, "There is little like the number of the sun."

The grandchild asked the next question

"And why Grandpa and Grandma have been together for so long today?"

Grandma smiled and answered, "Because when the sun rises, Grandma doesn't see any stars."

There is no "love" in it at all. But once I read it, I feel how much Khun Dang loves Khun Aof.
People who love each other are not sweet to each other every day. We love each other's nice things and sometimes must forgive the disadvantages. We are not perfect. But when meeting someone we love We always want to make ourselves better. In order to stand proudly beside him. Love and accept who he is but not love him and force him to "Be" as we want to "See"

Love can't change anyone. But if he will change, he probably changed because he himself wanted to change by having the people he loves to be inspired. Therefore, rarely encouraging anyone to focus on using love to change people. Know that all may come from good intentions.
But if you choose anyone, must choose who he is. Do not hope that he will change for us. Expectations will greatly pressure him to suffer and we will not happy as well.

Either work or love? In the end, when we couldn't change him, we must adjust ourselves. Nobody is perfect as we desire. Even ourselves on some days. Therefore, do not expect to be the center of the universe that must have a satellite orbiting around us. He is cute in his way. Even if we don't like it all about him.


I thought to write this story because there was a message from one senior who chat with me.

I have a story to tell. I will retire later this year and my husband retired 7 years ago. Lately, the husband is at home because the body is not strong in the last 5 years, but I am still strong, so I continue working.

Every time I am leaving to work every morning, my husband often asks, "Do you go back home late tonight?" I will turn back to look at him, some answers, or lazy to answer sometimes. Then left the house. When I am back home at about 8 pm, the husband would ask: "Why are you so late? I miss you" I often become angry because I hear this phrase repeatedly every day.

Now the husband is dead last April. Think of these two sentences whenever I cry. Should be pity or deserved.

Nothing to deserve. If I were nearby would hug you tightly as support.
Many times, we think that things will stay with us like this for a long time no matter who and how much we love him. We all only have one moment together. Whether love was expired, or one passed away. Someone who is even closer, we will feel that he is no value. Just because we get used to. So, we don't really care when we still live together. But will feel bad when he was gone. We tend to see the value of the time when the timeout is a repeated lesson. That must always be warned.

Time for those who are waiting always move slower than the one who is busy working. A person who is waiting to hear our voice may not seem important when we are still together. Knowing when our days will run out will make us pay more attention to him. But when don’t know the expiration date in advance, we must see the value of having each other every day? Hold each other's hands as tightly as possible. Because we don't know when we will stop holding hands. Hug each time, as if we were embracing one last time. On the day that we have to say goodbye, at least there is no quilt. Because we have used all the time that we had the best that we could.

Take deep and long breathing if the breath is still with us. Took this moment take good care of the persons we love.

And the words "I should have," would not happen to us.