Product Detail

Deposit or withdraw money whenever you want, as many times, capable of writing checks payable to the account, deposits protection by the deposit institution as required by law.
Easy start

Easy start

Minimum Deposit 10,000 Baht, depositors can deposit / withdraw / transfer unlimited amount of money in accordance with conditions.
More convenient, more flexible

More convenient, more flexible

A deposit without a passbook, account movements prompted by the Statement, or if you use the SCB Easy Net / SCB EASY App, you can check your account on SCB Easy Net. Website / SCB EASY App.

Document Required

Identity Verification

ID card (A foreigner using a passport and work permit), or a government official card, or a State Enterprise Employee Card

Proof of Passport

Acceptable primary proofof identity includes, but is nolimited to, original.

Proof of address

A document issued by a government department that shows your address.

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