One-stop online claim service

One-stop online claim service

One-stop online claim service, with claim transferred to your bank account
Quick claim

Quick claim

- Get instant claim approval and instant payouts for HB (hospital benefits), PA (personal accident), OPD ( out-patient department) at a maximum of 10,000THB.
- For other claim types, get results or update within 3 working days via SMS.
Only 3 documents required

Only 3 documents required

- Medical certificate
- Medical Receipt
- Bank account book page for the desired account to receive the transfer (in case of adding a new account)


  • Insured by FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.

  • SCB is only an authorized broker.

  • Insurable guideline refer to Underwriting procedures of FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.

  • Buyers must understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to insure.

  • SCB is only a channel to access FWD Life Insurance’s online claim services



  • This service is for FWD’s individual accident and health customers 
  • Download and submit claim via Omne by FWD application.
  • Eligible for all claim types except for a loss of life. No limit of amount and number of claim. Provide progress update in 3 working days.
  • Offer instant approval and/or pay-outs for HB, PA, OPD claims (maximum 10,000 THB).
  • Live updates of claim’s progress in real time and could submit required documents via Omne by FWD application.
  • Please keep your original documents as evidence for 12 months
  • Criteria for instant approval and/or payout:
         •   The policy must be active and premium-paying, and not in waiting period or grace period.
         •   The submitted claim must be for illness or accident; outpatient, inpatient, or hospital benefits.
         •   The policy cannot be in the waiting period, grace period, or reinstatement period.
         •   All required documents must be submitted completely.
         •   For outpatient, accident, and hospitalization claims (hospital benefits), up to THB 10,000 per claim.
         •   Claims submitted through Omne will be eligible for auto approval up to three times per month or twenty times per calendar year.
         •   Provide complete claim details and payment method in the application.

When you click to access FWD claim online services, you will enter Omne by FWD application provided by FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited (“FWD”). If you do not have such application, system will link to page for downloading such application.