For our beloved people every day with or without us

Have you ever thought about one day that you are not there for your family anymore and how would that looks like? How can they survive the difficulty whether home loan or the kid tuition fee and much more expense? Also, how harder your lover needs to work more to stay strong without you? … It would have been much better if you had already prepared for every unexpected situation for the people you love. The insurance that can be built today to help your love to get through all difficulties no matter what future brings. The life insurance is one of that kind to build your stability and security for you and your cherished family.  

Benefits for you and your family from your life insurance

  • Long lasting coverage for your family insurance
  • A lump sum or inheritance for the family and to set up life
  • Return money when the contract is finished or death 
  •  Tax allowance at maximum rate (100,000 THB/year)

Who should purchase the insurance?

“The Head of the family” or who is in the “Starting-Family step” especially the main person who earn money as a father and mother, or partners, and an in-need of taking care children. If they lose you, they will be facing a difficulty in life. So, you have to plan to ensure their better long-term living and to reduce your anxiety in case of any unexpected situation happens.

When should you start?

The sooner you start, the better it is because the coverage of the protection starts from the beginning. Moreover, when you are young, your premiums will be relatively cheap. (The older you are, more expensive you have to pay.)  Furthermore, you and your family will get a longer protection based on your choice of premium payment selection whether a short-term payment (monthly) or a long-term payment (annually) refer from your financial flow.   

How Much Life Insurance Should You Carry

 “Insurance Coverage” is a claimed money for the family who is your beneficiary in case you die. So, they could use the funds to settle which can be calculated from below theory.

(Monthly expense x 12) x (Number of years for your family settling time) = Amount of Insurance Coverage

For example, your family monthly expense is 50,000 THB and they need 3 years of settling time, So, your insurance coverage for your family equals to 50,000x12 months x 3 years = 1,800,000 THB

However, you should consider your financial ability to pay the premium.

Prepare the future for your family and ensure stability in every step in case of any unexpected situation happens. If it happens, your beloved family will continue living without obstacle because of your cautious preparation which can start from today. This is the meaning of love and care whether with or without you.


Information from SCBLIFE   SCBLIFE