The current one is still there but already wish for a new relationship

by: Napaporn Trivitvareekul


  • To Solve problems with work and with love, we use the same method. We must pay a lot of attention to communication. Talking to each other is as important as listening to each other. Listen to understand not to find the points to argue for overcoming.
  • Looking great from far away but maybe be different when we stay close to it. Talking with him just about a month, don’t jump to love too fast.    First love, we always turn the most beautiful angle together. One important thing, is he already has someone, do you know? Take time to learn about each other then you will not suffer from recovering which is take longer to heal.
  • Your heart is more valuable. It is important to remind yourself that whatever you give him too easily, he will not regret that much when he lost it. How are you valued is about how you act and position yourself? Do not measure yourself just because he chooses or not chooses you.

I just had a chance to talk to SCB staff. They called the topic “Club Friday Unleash the secret to using love at work. I always believed that solving problems with love and work we can use the same methods. What should be important is communication. Talking to each other is not as important as listening to each other. Listen to understand not try to find the point to beat each other.

Many times, we do everything for the job we love but it seems like the job loves us so little. Same as love, we did a lot of good things but then he chose others.
We must find a way to think to survive. In the day that work doesn’t go well like we expected and cannot get the loved one beside us as we hope. So, if yesterday we didn’t talk to each other enough, now we should talk openly. I named this column “Working hard but love is not bad” If anyone wants to share what she faces, talks and discusses with each other. No one is smarter or better than other but it’s more about who can control the mind and realize the problem first. And what I hope more is you will say that “this is just a sad story that I want to share, and I feel much better now” I am happy to listen to the heartbroken story, but I hope that no one has broken the heart and lost the job in the same time. Lost a job is much worse than a broken heart. You can share your story at . We can talk openly

Pi Aoy ka, I have a question about my husband, before he was really addicted to online games. He did not care about me at all and even it’s my birthday. So, the story began because he did not care about me. Another man came to my life and he is good and always cares about me. But I already married. I and that guy started a chat with each other even he knew that I am not single. Every time I talk to him, I am so happy. If I don’t love my husband any more what should I do? I have talked to the new guy about a month. Should I stop contact him?

Be mindful, solve problems one by one, with your husband, if you don’t love him anymore, just tell him the truth and not being unfaithful, cheating is wrong. Do not find the reason to support yourself because the husband does not give enough time, that why you have to find a new guy. It’s fine if you want to meet a new person, but you must finish with the current one first, do not act like you want to have the best of both worlds.

For the new guy, it’s better to wait and see. The new thing always good and in the same time that you get sick of the current one. But one thing that you don’t think about it is that the guy who committed adultery, knowing that you are married, is he a good man? And do you reduce your value for him to see too soon? Seeing him when your husband not notice. Even he wants to be sincere with you, he still may think that you betray your husband. In the future, if he becomes your husband, you may do the same. Or he may not think like this and just having fun. But don’t forget that you are another man’s wife.

Looking from far away things looks great but it may be different when you live with it. Just know him for a month so don’t rush to fall in love. First love, we always turn the most beautiful angle together. And one important thing, do you know that he already has someone or not. Take your time to learn more about him so you don’t have to suffer later. You already married once so I don’t want to see at you crash again.

Carefully ask yourself what do you really don’t love your husband anymore. Or if you really lost him you will regret later or not. If you say that you really want to finish with him then just do it right. Then wait calmly for the new one to come

Our value is about how we behave. It’s not about he will choose or not choose us.Our value is about how we behave. It’s not about he will choose or not choose us.