The People's Republic of China

In today's rapidly changing world, China now has the second-largest economy, with the largest share of international trade. Its manufacturing output and agricultural output are also the largest. And still China continues to grow at one of the world's fastest rates. As its economic leadership has risen, so has China's global political role. Siam Commercial Bank operates branches in Shanghai and Hong Kong, with a representative office in Beijing. These operations support bilateral trade and investment by providing integrated financial services to both Chinese and Thai businesses.

Siam Commercial Bank PCL., Shanghai Branch

Shanghai branch was granted the Financial Permit issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Office in early 2018 and officially opened in May 2018. The branch is the first business institution set up by Siam Commercial Bank in China mainland. We will work with Thailand Head Office, Hong Kong Branch and Beijing Representative Office to support the trade and investment activities between Chinese and Thai enterprises. We will also provide all-round tailor-made financial and advisory services for Chinese enterprises to invest in Thailand.


Siam Commercial Bank PCL., Shanghai Branch


26 February 2018


Foreign Bank Branch


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Ms. June Qiong Fu


Foreign Bank Branch


Room T15, 74F, Shanghai World Financial Center, No 100 Century Avenue, Shanghai 200120, P.R. China


86 21 - 6058 - 7777