Service Features

SCB Trade Net is a powerful internet-based trade transaction service platform with a security mechanism that meets the highest international standards. It enables you to perform international trade operations with SCB for both import and export services such as requesting L/C issuance, applying for financing, or making payments, as well as attached supporting documents to the bank all at once.
The transaction status may be tracked in real-time and reports can be retrieved in a variety of forms. In addition, interest rates and/or exchange rates might also be queried to make decisions during the transaction.
Trade transactions serviced through SCB Trade Net are as follows:
  • Letter of credit issuance
  • Trust receipt financing
  • Shipping guarantee under L/C, shipping guarantee issuance, delivery order endorsement
  • Import bills for collection
  • Import bills under L/C, B/C advising
  • Letter of credit advising
  • Letter of credit confirmation
  • Letter of credit transfer
  • Assignment of proceeds
  • Packing credit
  • Export bills under letters of credit, bills for collection advising
  • Inward remittance advising


Doing overseas trade is easy...just click:
  • There is no need to provide original documents or travel to contact SCB; simply conduct transactions through
  • Be informed of import and export transactions immediately. You can easily confirm transactions within the system.
  • Real-time information on interest rates as well as currency exchange rates is available to enhance your business flexibility.
  • You may retrieve and print copies of letters of credit (MT700, MT707) and receipts.
  • The status of export documents submitted for collection to importer banks may be tracked in real-time (DHL express tracking).
  • Able to view accrual information, and interest burden for trade transactions. There are both ready-made and customizable report formats.
Remarkable features:
  • Supports attaching documents in a variety of formats such as .pdf , .tiff , .jpg
  • Online organizer uses for setting up reminders to automatically notify upcoming transactions as needed.
  • To receive transaction status by e-mail, you can manually select and specify the recipient’s email address.
  • SMS and email will be sent to the authorized person to approve the transaction. You may customize your own notifications.
  • There is a deal message for submitting additional commands in the transaction that SCB has processed.
Highest security standards:
  • Transmits data with internationally standard security encryption through 256 bits secure socket layer (SSL).
  • A firewall is in place to prevent unauthorized access to information.
  • A supervisor user may be assigned to manage permissions, assign roles (data entries/approve/supervisor), and can set the amount of approval for the users within the company.



You can execute the transaction anywhere via the internet at any time, 24 hours a day.
Transactions will be sent directly (straight-through processing) to SCB's system and logged for real-time monitoring or retrieval.
This platform is not only provided for free, but also saves you money and time traveling to the bank by allowing you to transact online using the proposed templates or copying data from existing ones.

Service Channel


Documents for service request:
  • Certificate of juristic person
  • A copy of the ID card authorized to sign on behalf of the juristic person with the document certifying.
  • A copy of the authorized person's identification card (if any) with the document certifying.
  • Other supporting documents in accordance with the conditions specified in the juristic person certificate (if any).

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