He has a crush on you or he’s just a friendly guy. Get real!

By: Napaporn Trivitvareekul


  • Be careful don’t imagine thing. He likes you or he’s just a nice guy this take some time to tell. You love him, so you want to give him your heart. But if he really wants it that is a problem.
  • He loves a good girl but not all good girls that he will love. Just proud that you are a good person, even you are not the good one that he chooses. You will feel that the closer the worse. But when we cannot choose, we must accept any condition that we have. Be nice to each other in any status. At least you still see each other, and you will be happy for him, even you are not part of that happiness.
  • world always throws away people who are not the right ones first. Until we meet the one who has the same heart and loves each other, we must wait with a happy heart. Don’t be sad because we are not the right person. He is not one man in the world that can make us suffer for a whole life.

Rainy season and the lonely person is a good match. This year is raining a lot in all areas, even the one who has a strong heart can be weak sometimes. I can tell from a lot of questions from many offices. Just slowly learn how to think from others’ stories. Reading other’s stories maybe can help us get an answer to our problem.

Pi Aoy, I like a guy who works in the same office. Before we were close to each other because we sat next to each other. We talked about everything, movies, games, music and it seems like we loved the same things. He also went to my graduation ceremony and brought me a gift and remembered my birthday.  On Instagram, I like to talk to him, but I knew that he didn’t want to talk. When we met in the office he talked to me normally. Until last year at the office, we rotated the seats, so he moved to sit far from me. This made us talk to each other less than before.

Until the last Valentine's Day. I secretly put chocolate on his desk. No one knew where it came from and tried to find the owner. Until time passed for a while, I felt that people in the department tried to match me with him. When I asked why I and him, everyone said that because I and he were both single. When everyone focused on us, I tried not to talk to him because I didn’t want to make him feel pressured. But after I did that, he asked my friend why I mad at him. After I heard, I tried to talk to him again like before.

Until recently, he sent me a Line message that he was uncomfortable with what I was doing. He said that it’s more than a regular friend. So, I told him that we will be just a friend like before and I will control my feeling.

This is a classic love story. You must admit that when we have a feeling for someone you will feel overwhelming. The good wish he gave us is the same as other but why do we feel it is special? You must be careful and don’t imagine a thing. He has a crush on you or him just a friendly person. This is taking time to know. You love him, so you want to give him your heart, but does he want it. And when our private thing went public. Friends and people around you can be a pressure that makes him uncomfortable. Even you did not tell him directly, he is probably known for a while. And if you just look at him, you can tell how he feels about you. It’s okay to love him and he did not do anything wrong also that he does not love you. Forcing him to love is as difficult as forcing yourself to quit loving him.

If you cannot stop yourself now, just try not to love him. Stay in your space and don’t bother him too much. Don’t have him does not mean that you are not valuable. Do not find yourself low. The good feeling that you gave but he does not want then just take it back. Love you is my business and if you don’t love me back it’s your choice as well.

If you cannot be friends with him like before just tell him frankly that you need more time. When you are stronger, and you are ready to befriend him again you can but don’t worry. Just communicate openly.

The one who does not have feelings can say anything but others who have feeling almost died because of other person words. When we gone then he asked but when we came back then he said he was uncomfortable.

The one he will love must be good but does not mean that he must love all good girls. Just proud of yourself, even you were not the one that he chose. But this is a bit hard because you are working in the same office with him. The closer the more uncomfortable, but in this situation, you have no choice then you must accept all conditions. Be nice to him even he is not your boyfriend and be happy with him even you are not part of his life.

It’s easy to say but it’s not easy to do in a short time, just slowly do it. Take your time and take care of your heart. You will not be happy that you make him uncomfortable. Someday when you find the one that loves you, you will realize that it’s not hard at this time. Just feel good about yourself. If we are always lucky in love then I don’t have to play the heartbroken songs, right.

Someone has said that “the world always throws away the wrong person first” Until you can find the right person that loves you, just wait with the happy heart. Don’t struct with sadness because you were not the right person for him. He is not just one man in the world that you must suffer for the whole life. Just think about this carefully.