Seeing that she was cheated, will you tell her

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  • To be nosy and to help are different because of the method. Many times, we have a good intention but do the wrong way. If we look through everything, when it did not have a good or bad effect on us, we just let the world go as is. We have contributed to making the world that is not as good today.
  • No matter what the outcome of our message delivery will affect her life.
    At least we did not put too dormant with what we can help. Even we believe that if she doesn’t know, she will not suffer.  But no one is happy if she knows that her husband is unfaithful. To know now or later, the sadness will be at a different degree.

Another day that I hold the microphone in front of the stage to convey a good idea from listening to anyone's life story in Club Friday. One girl raised her hand and asked, “How can I control my mind when I am listening to other people's stories that I don’t feel sad.” She has a coffee shop. Besides the customers come to have coffee, she also hears the sad stories from them that make her feel depressed.

Hm…we just sees it, but we are not them. You should be happy that you can support others. The sad story has just been told and many times this makes us understand this world more. You will see that many more people that worse than you, but they can survive. So, you can as well. It’s is good for our heart that small people like us can help others. I just think this way why I don’t stress that much when I was listening to a sad story.

Today, I got a question from an office girl.  

“I just know that one of our co-workers (my boss) has an affair with a girl in the same office. Should I tell his wife? If I keep it secret, I feel guilty for his wife. Because I know that this is wrong. What should I do? Should I involve with this?”

Today, if everyone thinks that helping others is equal to be nosy, maybe the kids that were trapped in the cave were still there. To help and be nosy is different from each other because of the method. Many times, we have good intentions but do it wrong. If we just ignore it, when it doesn’t have any effect on us. Just let it go the way it is. We may have done something to make this world not as good as today.

To put yourself in someone else's shoes, if one day your boyfriend is cheating on you, then others just said they have known about this for a while but do not dare to tell you. How do you feel? Others have known that you were created for a long time. So, you will be sad even more. The boyfriend was cheating on you and your good friends also concealed it.

So, for this time you must think carefully. How close you are with the boss’s wife. If she is a friend this can be easier but if not, you must do differently. The good way is a concernedness from an anonymous. The social media world is good for this. You can send email or Line and then block everything immediately. But must have enough credibility. Don’t make this ambiguous that she can think this is a spam.

Just tell his wife the fact and then we did with this. Don’t have to tell her who you are but you just have a good intention. She will believe you or not is your business. Don’t have to think about it and just move on with your life. 

No matter what the outcome of our delivery. How much will it affect her life? At least we did not put too dormant with what we can help. Even we believe that if she doesn’t know she will not suffer. But no one is happy if she knows that the husband is cheating. Know it now or later, the sadness is different in degree.

Today, what we see repeatedly makes us feel that single-minded love turns into a miracle and cheating is normal. Many people make the same mistakes at the same time that does not mean that it is not wrong. If cheating is normal, then no one will be hurt. If the unfaithful persons do not have to feel guilty because they think that everyone is doing. The bruised ones continue to bruise and others do not see the value. We are so resistant to him so much that we mean to ourselves. If something happens in front of the eyes. We can choose to be dormant and ignore what we see. Or we will help and do the only part that we can. In the end, it’s their job to decide what to do with this and we don’t have to worry about this anymore.

If the thing that this girl will do is to be nosy, things that I have done for 10 years are also the same. I just hope that from listening to others’ problems, I can make them feel better. Whatever my suggestion is, that person is the one to decide what to do next. They are the strikers and we are just the cheerleaders.