• SCB delivers another level of the best customer experience with the latest version and enhanced capabilities of SCB Business Anywhere to cover your financial transactions needs, regardless of your business size.
  • New user-friendly features, with an emphasis on data visualization to speed up your financial operations.
  • Greater convenience, with seamless connection and compatibility across devices – computers, tablets, and mobile phones (Android and iOS). And now you can generate financial transaction via mobile phone.
  • Your company can quickly check account information, make fund transfers, bill payments, request payment reports and other report types with confidence via an international standard security system.

Services available via SCB Business Anywhere

Fund transfers and payments

  • Real-time and preset fund transfers between/to SCB accounts (own account transfers and 3rd party transfers)
  • Payroll (SCB Payroll / Any Bank Payroll)
  • Fund transfers between/to SCB foreign currency deposit accounts (FCD Transfer)
  • Domestic fund transfers to other banks (SCB BAHTNET / SCB SMART Credit)
  • International fund transfers (SCB Outward Remittance and SCB Inward Remittance)
  • SCB PromptPay / SCB Business PromptPay
  • Payment of bills (SCB Bill Payment)

Account information

  • Check your account balances in THB and other currencies.
  • View account transactions during the day.
  • View intraday statement
  • View previous statements for up to 13 months (showing transactions via all channels).
  • View historical statement for up to 13 months
  • Reports are available for downloading in different file formats, including .txt, .csv, .xls, .pdf, for your convenient use and financial management.


  • SCB iCheque Book for ordering, activate, and stop cheque via online
  • SCB Local Collect for cash and cheque deposits
  • SCB Payment Gateway for payers
  • SCB Digital Token
  • SCB Business Alert: notifications via e-mail
  • FX Confirmation Online* (only for companies already having a forward credit line with SCB)


Introducing new features for a better financial experience
Greater convenience and faster

  • Automatic payment recommendation for the best fund transfer/payment options for you, when you enter the recipient’s account information, transaction amount, and transaction date.
    • Monitor your account movements and check account balances and statements in real-time.
  • Submit fund transfer/payment instructions for all services by importing only one file to the system.
  • Automatically check account balances before the final approval step for each transaction.
  • Create and approve transactions faster and with simpler steps.
  • Enhanced security with SCB Digital Token: Strengthen your confidence in transaction approval with an international standards security system. The SCB Digital Token is easy to use and enables quick approval with an 8-digits PIN, so you no longer need to carry a token generator.
  • Monitor every important transaction with new features: Watched Requests, Favorites, and Reminders of upcoming scheduled transactions.
  • The Self-Admin function lets you manage user access and company profile on your own.
  • You can apply for extra products and services, as follows:
    • International fund transfers (SCB Outward Remittance and SCB Inward Remittance)
    • Fund transfers between/to foreign currency deposit accounts (FCD transfers)
    • Online FX Confirmation* (only for companies already having a forward credit line with SCB)
    • Request a Trust Receipt (T/R) credit line via SCB Business Anywhere.
    • Add a bank account

Strongest security meeting international standards

  • 256-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption
  • Data encryption and firewall against data theft
  • You can assign user roles in making transactions: Viewer/Maker/Reviewer/Approver/Admin


  • Transactions are automatically sorted by urgency. With Watched Requests and Favorites tabs on the home page, you won’t miss important transactions.
  • Reports and statements are available for download on the home page.
  • You can check account balances and see if there are any notifications in case of an insufficient account balance for making a transaction before the final step of the approval process.
  • You can check a recipient’s name when creating a bill payment entry.
  • A “Send back” function has been added to send an entry back to the maker to edit a request for transaction approval.
  • View previous statements for up to 13 months (showing transactions with SCB via all channels).

System access

  • Biometric recognition: Face scan recognition log-in option.
  • You can change your username and password on your own.


It’s convenient.

  • SCB Business Anywhere is user-friendly and available 24/7 anywhere with an internet connection on the website via computer or tablet or via mobile applications (Android and iOS).

It’s time-saving.

  • You can make transactions via your computer or tablet and on mobile applications. No need to visit a bank counter.

Authority is up to you.

  • You can manage company and user information as you want with the User role set to Administrator.

It’s secure.

  • You can rest assured with a security system meeting international standards.





  • Applicant must be a Thai citizen or Thai juristic person with taxpayer identification number
  • Must have an SCB  savings  and/or current  account
  • Each system user must provide email address and mobile phone number


Documents Required


Juristic person

A juristic person is a limited company, public company limited, limited partnership or juristic limited partnership.


Apply via SCB StartBiz
Apply via application form 


  • I.D. card of person authorized to sign
  • Company stamp


  • Copy of certificate of juristic person, not more than 6 months old
  • Letter to verify person authorized to sign for juristic person, with copy of identification document (i.e. copy of national I.D. card)
  • Company stamp, if available 



For Thai or Foreign  non-juristic person

  • Copy of I.D. card with signature


  • Service is  not available for NRBA (non-resident baht account), for neither  juristic person  nor individual


For more information, please contact SCB Business Call Center, 8.30 am  - 7 pm,  Monday - Sunday 

Telephone 02-722-2222

E-mail address: Contact.BusinessAnywhere@scb.co.th



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