From confident determined woman Change to use the heart and morality to lead the organization

Silinluck Tullayanant, Food Equipment CO., LTD


"We lose face but the sooner we accept the mistake The quicker we can fix it” From an energetic confident woman. Instead of accepted to change herself, stop running and walk slowly for everyone in the organization to walk at the same rhythm, Food Equipment's rhythm.

Tears of setbacks, the big change in thinking made the company grew more than 4 times. Each step of a leader who is both determined and compassionate today, Silinluck Tullayanant leads the Food Equipment company. The company that manufacturers, distributors, exporters, and importers of food production machinery for all types of the food industry. Win the hearts of customers at all levels, from the giant factory to the national level, slaughterhouses, hotels, factories, hospitals, department stores, SME, schools, and OTOP

Route of effort Embedding success in DNA

From the daughter of the owner of the mall in Nongkhai province, whose life had everything, must start counting steps 1 when the parents decide to give the business to the younger brother. Then come to build a new business in Bangkok. Grade 3 primary school students at that time had to face the first big change in her life. I had to move to a boarding school and was separated from parents. A life that she used to think it’s great and perfect changed. But the spark of success flashed in her head. One night she lied down with friends and sisters in boarding schools. "From now on, I'll be a good girl and  will make mom and dad proud "

After her parents finished setting up a new business, they picked up Khun Fern and her sister to Bangkok. The new life of Primary school grade 3 children began again. New house, new school, new society and that leads to step 2 in fanning the determination in Khun Fern.

Surrender to make the organization win

A young, talented, graduated student from England. Her heart was full of energy, which wanted to grow a family business. When she was a new person who runs a full stream but the people who worked previously still gradually walked at the same pace; therefore creating a gap that leading to conflict. That is another step of the journey which transforms Khun Fern, who was a fast pace confident to relax and have a "more understanding" of others. During the first period of work in the family business, she tried to dismantle everything and telling the staff to do the way she did. With the confidence that if employees did the same would make the organization grow faster.

Resistance from employees causing her father to call her to talk in the cold room with a straightforward message. "If having to choose between you and all office staff, I fired you. Go back and think about what you can do to improve. " At that moment, she was humiliated and sad. But she was believed that if accepting the mistake early, it will be resolved in a timely manner. Khun Fern then improved herself. She was acting like other employees, embedded in various departments and gradually secretly developing the work little by little gradually until nobody knows. As time passed, the old blood came out and new blood coming in. Old and new ingredients are harmoniously blended together. "At first, I ran 100 meters, turned around and my employees were still walking. But now I can say that the team and I walked at the same rhythm like the rhythm of the food. Equipment "

The more you give the more you get

After the third step passed, the organization blended as one and grew and expansive to the new office that is more reliable. From that day until now, over the past ten years, Khun Fern has driven the company to grow by 4 times. This is not just a growing organization, she herself grew by learning a lot from "her dad and her mom". Those who never frame her life about what to do or what to be but they are a great example of "virtue". Those she has learned and absorbed from parents, causing Khun Fern to take care of others, pay attention to what others thought, give love, sincerity to both staff, customers and suppliers. "Employee was in trouble so dad gave a zero percent loan. With suppliers, he told me that do not pay late " And most importantly with customers "Do not quarrel with customers, even if we win, but really lose." In some cases, the client made a mistake but Khun Fern's father still gave full care after the sale. Goodness for the people around. Finally, everything comes back to organizational growth.

"After the past 10 years, it has been crystallized that our business was not successful from doing right or wrong or followed the theory. But it is an organization that is successful from virtue. She sees this as a strategy for the success of Food Equipment.

People and service are the heart

Khun Fern has two projects that she wants to develop: people and services. Regarding HR, with the awareness that employees are at the heart of the organization's success, including good service delivery. "I want to develop my subordinates to work more efficiently. While also being happier. " By beginning to give staff attention and take care of small things. But now I want to take the organization to jump again; therefore have to change the way of thinking and how to work by changing myself as a conductor, as a coach, as a mentor.

Soar up before being disrupted

"I want to jump because I think we have to have some goal that will push us up. Our life cannot be achieved without a goal. " I don't want to grow because I want to have more money. Numbers aren't important. But if we raise, we will have more resources to take care of our employees and recruit more good people. And able to adopt new systems to improve work efficiency. Employees will have a better quality of life. "Food equipment is like a boat in a turbulent business stream. If nothing is done during this period, we will definitely get deprived for sure” Therefore talking to the team that we will come together and row a boat to reach the goal ahead. For everyone's life to be better because if you don't set goals power will not come!

The best moment for giving

Khun Fern had the opportunity to take part in the second edition of the IEP with SCB. She said that her study was part of what she has today. Because of having a society and network that leads to further expansion. And talking to friends who are also a businessman made her realize that really other persons had similar problems. Not just I who encountered problems but others have similar problems. In addition, SCB consistently supports and provides advice that is beneficial to the business. Both credit lines for importing, special rate and fees to support businesses seamlessly.

And today is the most appropriate time to be a giver, sharing knowledge that has crystallized over 10 years in her business path. When SCB SME invited her to be one of the mentors of The DOTs project to share knowledge, experience for SME business friends who need advice and need a mentor to guide for business improvement. "I focus on self-esteem and self-actualization because of doing with SCB I use my heart and the outcome is giving. Just being generous with others makes me feels positive." All of the 19 mentors, each of them is like a super-human, coming together like an Avengers Team that is good at some skill. And everyone is full of positive energy that is ready to give! Khun Fern describes in a visual way.

The resonance of the heart that is full of giving. Understanding and the kindness that is offered to those around you never gone. And we will never lose because the more we give, the more we receive. Khun Fern's story illustrates the value of having a good role model that mistakes can always happen, no matter how good we are. But if brave enough to accept, that will become a lesson for us to grow. She is an example of a balance between the commitment to lead the organization to success and the use of compassion to lead the organization to sustainable and balanced growth with morality as a guiding strategy.

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