'Chat bot' a diligent assistant

How much is a minute worth in the digital business world?

Think about when customers look through the product on the website or click on the buy button through the e-commerce platform. These behaviors occur every second, 24 hours a day. If attracting customers to be interested and understand the product may close the sale quickly

How good would it be to have a "Chatbot" as the "Special Assistant of the store" Help communicate with customers all over the world! Have extra endurance because can work 24 hours a day. Which is responsible for communicating through text messages or sending images Real-time auto-response with customers coming into contact online through the business. Whether it is websites, applications such as LINE, including social media such as Facebook, even the store has many channels. Able to have the chat bots of each channel to act as a shop assistant. When customers come to inquire about anything Chatbot immediately arranged to answer those questions instead. So that business owners don't have to live life to chat monitor your mobile phone or computer screen 24 hours a day.

Another good thing about ChatBots is that they can help from small to large businesses. If the business is small You are the sole owner. Must do everything There is no time to check messages on social media all the time. Can only say that ... Chatbots are the answer!

But if your business is a medium-sized company Having a chatbot in your hand is good. Because it helps to communicate with customers more conveniently and quickly. Especially if it is a large company that has a lot of customers each day, come and leave thousands and ten thousand questions with the chatbot is even more important. Especially franchise businesses Restaurant and hotel network business Chatbots are a very important business assistant choice.

For reasons that can trust chatbots Because chatbots have artificial intelligence (AI) technology controlled inside. That helps to process and analyze various messages that customers communicate quickly while responding smarter and more accurately. Importantly, Chatbot has deep talent. That is to collect the information of customers who talk with come to analyze the needs, analyze problems. Enabling businesses to pick up this information for long-term business planning

If you can feel the goodness of Chatbot and would like to be a have it to help, say that it's not difficult at all. Because there are many chatbots in Thailand and the special abilities that are available vary. Such as Thai start-up AIYA has a chatbot that works on online websites, Facebook and LINE.

As for "ConvoLab", there are chatbots that respond to businesses that have many customers. Able to respond back in just 3 seconds. Comes with special skill in communicating in English, send pictures and maps to customers. And fine-tune the chatbot skills to be in line with the type of business in place.

But if you don't want to buy ready-made chatbots There are Thai startups to advise companies and stores that are interested in making chatbots by themselves, such as "Hbot". Which has a platform to support the use of government agencies, private sectors, small and medium business operators or SMEs as well as online stores. Allowing users to easily create chatbots for themselves in just 5 minutes. No need to be tired to write programs again.

There is also a Botnoi, a Thai chatbot that has won the most talented chatbot from the international chatbot competition "Line Bot Award Japan 2017. - Best Conversation Engine Category " The Botnet system has AI technology to help drive the business to entrepreneurs. Therefore, work more conveniently, smartly and with higher efficiency. Importantly, there is an analysis and processing system for customers. and supports many languages ​​as well

At this point, if you still have questions in your mind about whether you can do business without chatbot because it's not ready yet and afraid that having a chatbot will increase the cost. Ask yourself once again that if someone has helped a diligent person like Chatbot to reinforce, how far can your business go? Because the chatbots, which are resistant to answering customer questions that are sometimes emotional and resentful, help to communicate. It may be worth more than increasing the number of workers to answer questions 24 hours a day and must endure the emotional state of the customer. It is also a system that helps answer customer questions in accordance with the standards laid down. Reducing the burden of customer care of entrepreneurs. In a situation of the business world that never stops business people focus on offering new services for customers to be more convenient and faster.

Don’t wait, let's try to open our hearts to "Chat Bot" who is helping hardworking people. Will help increase the potential to generate a lot of money for the business 24-hour customer care