AccRevo, an innovation that allows accountants to see cherry blossoms in April

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Just like the vital signs of our heart that beat the rhythm of our lives. An accounting that is like a vital sign of a business is vital to the survival and growth of the business as well. No need to find xinsae or fortuneteller to point out the way for growth or business vulnerabilities. Because accurate accounting data is the most accurate mapping to drive a business to survive and grow.

Unbalanced Work life Accountant's pain spots

In the late afternoon of April, the office buildings in downtown gradually turn off the lights, floor by floor, until there was almost no light remaining on. Which is a sign that most employees gradually leave and go home. But there is still a floor where the light is still bright. There are several office workers who are still working intensively at night. It may be assumed that the floor had to be a busy accounting department to close the annual budget for the past year. Accounting firm is a hard work place and must be caught up in the pile of documents. The most important thing above all is the quality of life. "The life of an accountant everyone knows that work hard, has a lot of stress, cannot take a vacation on Songkran day, and don't have time to take care of the family.
And if choosing to stay in this profession in the long run, looking back to see if we continue to have this kind of quality of life like this or not.


There is something wrong. The wrong thing is a process that uses too much human energy. " Khun Toey has been a licensed auditor and has been in this profession for over 20 years. After working with Big 4 companies in the accounting industry then moved to help his father's business and continue to take care of the business to this day, totaling 12 years. "We used to live like that. Felt that we were like other accountants. We went back home late; our friends were the same. But one time, I finished my job at 3 am driving home. While driving in the middle of Sathorn Road Then asked myself, how long will I live like this? If I fell asleep, if that day we were dumb and then had an accident, what would happen? I really asked the question to myself that should I have life ​​like this? Start work early in the morning and finished the morning in the next day is not a good quality of life. And make the new generation who came into this profession do not want to do because feeling that it’s a hard work, no lifestyle, no work life balance "

When accountants want to have a balanced life and easier to communicate with business people

From the pain point of the accountant's quality of life. Work that requires a lot of time and labor as well as problems in communicating with customers because most business people find accounting is difficult to understand. When realizing that technology has become more active Toey and Khun Mui therefore started to see what technologies could be used to develop this profession. Causing both to start looking for technology to help make work easier and more efficient. Including business owners themselves, get the most out of accurate and fast account information. So, they searched for the technology that was available in the market still didn't meet all the requirements. The couple took the technology to develop into their own platform, AccRevo (Accounting Services Platform).

Which took approximately 6 months to test the system. In the first period, trial with existing customers When using the system Makes it possible to close accounts twice as fast. In the following year, more efficient algorithms will be developed. As a result, it only took 20% of the time to work.

Making accounting records faster. "Bookkeeping is like connecting a puzzle but most accountants don’t see the edge-to-edge, which AccRevo has provided. When we finish each puzzle out, it will come out in a financial statement, no need to rearrange. Customers can see the results of the work at any time. If there is anything that does not match, then can communicate and improve immediately. " Customers can see financial statement information through the system. They both call this Accosystem (Accounting Eco System). "AccRevo creates a work life balance. Workers can combine life with work and enable them to develop themselves at all times."

"That's the beauty of adapting technology to make work life more enjoyable.

"I took a break during Songkran and went to see the cherry blossoms in Japan, and we used to close the office and take staff to visit Korea and Hong Kong. Usually in April and May accountants are very busy, they can't get sick, cannot get tired, cannot go anywhere, otherwise the work is not finished.

Account is a business navigation compass.

If comparing teachers to hiring boat, accountants are like a compass for business navigation. Today's world where businesses compete by using information. Business people say there is information about people entering the store, exit the store, and information of people interested in products. But account information is information about real buyers, real sellers, real customers, and information that indicates customer behavior, supplier behavior, including telling how the spending behavior of people in the organization is. All of which are heart and it is the business navigation compass. Having fast accounting data, business will be able to see the direction of the business and can determine the right way to move forward. This information helps to make decisions about sales, growth, cost, profit management. choosing products that will develop, expand, further, financial management, financing source and working capital management. Businessmen can analyze the data and use it to formulate strategies for sustainable business growth. "To win in business, we must have good information first."

Both a thought assistant and bodyguards

Modern accountants must be able to be intimated friend with executives. Act as an interpreter for accounting information for executives to easily understand. In order to strategize correctly. Not just doing it to send to the Department of Revenue! "About 95% Thais know their own accounting data in May of the following year. Finished accounting in December, submitting in May. Therefore, before knowing how the account looked like, it took five months. While our vital signs, we must know minute by minute. This is the difference that we do not know business signs. "

Some businessmen consider that accounting is the cost of business. Or the company's accountants tend to receive information from various departments. Then took to record what had happened. Which makes the importance of accounting not equal to sales? But when the world trends change accountants must therefore adapt. Do more analysis work alongside other department, not as just a support staff as before. But must step up to be a partner with the management. Businessmen themselves may not need to know about accounting. But businessmen need a good accountant to help analyze. Can tell if the price setting is profitable or which cost is too high. If we compare that marketing or sales are the ones who make money into the company, they are the right hand. A good accountant is the left hand of a businessman.

"Some cases that we have encountered, the owner was found cheating by his subordinates. Why? Because he never made an accounting system; therefore, creates a vulnerability. Many cases that we encounter fraud are when we organize the system. If you make a good account from the beginning, you can fill the hole. Aside from being a partner, the accountant is also a bodyguard protecting the business interests. "

Warm big family sharing to grow together

Khun Toey and Mui share the feeling about working with SCB that "Being a sincere bank, at first it may seem difficult to access, but once you reach it, SCB helps it all." SCB creates opportunities to meet customers and deepens the understanding of the sentence "The more you give, the more you get." Having the opportunity to meet with SCB customers, becoming a speaker in various events including consulting with clients at the business center "We found that the more we share and want them to have better businesses, our business also grow as much as we gave. " Forming a good eco system and both found that these things helped the business grow without knowing it.

"Aside from the more you give the more you get. This family is a family of good people coming together. People help each other with sincere. Each person is good at each side and then we share our expertise to the group. Instead of growing up alone, we grow together. Which makes the society a better place to live? " Khun Mui illustration has shown a warm picture of the SCB family.

In the SCB SME Mentor family, regardless of individual members' problems, regardless of design branding or even back office matters relating to IT, there will be family members who specialize in each area that is ready to help each other with friendship.

Including talking and setting goals for success expanding a business without giving up. Which this positive and complementary thinking, Help build the business growth, including widening the mindset and looking forward to doing business with power.

"The most important thing is when we do business or life. We are not strong all the time. Many times, we encounter problems and don't know how to proceed. Feels like we don't have anyone. But we have the SCB Mentor family, both 1st and 2nd generation, who we can make a phone call and get good advice, received good encouragement " Toey considered that when he was able to pass, and he is stronger. When meeting a business man friend who encountered the same situation, would like to reach out to help. Because he had received encouragement and good advice before, so would like to give willingly.

Conversations with Khun Toey and Khun Mui showing that regardless of the profession, if we do not stop developing ourselves and looking for new opportunities and methods that will make work more efficient, deliver better service to customers. Including improving our own quality of life, we will not be distracted regardless of how the world and technology change. Because the world today is not the age that big fish eat small fish but is an ocean where fast fish eat slow fish. If we adapt quickly, understand global trends and have good and current information. Although our business is not large, we can be a fast fish. The Self-esteem and increasing the value of our professions will make us proudly move forward. And most importantly, integration into a good society that is ready to share, help and encourage each other sincerely will be the driving force for us to surmount unlimited success.

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