Product Details


  • SCB Business Anywhere is a new digital banking platform that empowers your company with an enhanced financial management experience.  Data visualization features make it easier to manage cash flow by viewing  your banking at a glance.
  • It supports seamless linkage between all your devices, including personal computer, tablet, mobile phone (Android)  and smart watch.
  • Manage your accounts effortlessly with  transfer and payment  functions, together with  collections and other reports.  The Platform  is  protected by  online security that meets international  standard.

1. Account data

  • Check account balance in  both  Thai  Baht   and foreign currencies*
  • Check  account daily  intraday  movement
  • Check account transaction history (up to 13 preceding months)
  • Download reports in your choice of format (txt, csv, xls, pdf) to  suit your  business needs

2. Money transfer and payment

  • Transfer  between  your  accounts and  other SCB accounts, with option to schedule transfer in advance
  • Direct SCB Supplier Payment
  • Direct SCB Payroll
  • SCB Business PromptPay
  • Interbank domestic funds transfer (ORFT - online retail funds transfer)
  • Bill Payment for goods and services
  • Bill Payment for taxes
  • Others

3. Data reports

  • Bill Payment Report
  • Local Collect Report

4. Personal and  account  data management

  • Stop account
  • Stop cheque

* In development


A powerful financial management experience

  • Dashboard  to  display  financial summary at a glance
  • Find any transaction instantly using Live Search
  • Provides account statements for preceding 13 months
  • Tailor  approval  workflow according to  your business  requirement
  • Able to personalize settings  easily.  Users is  able to personalized setting conveniently and  easily.
  • Allow seamless connection anywhere, anytime to manage your finances online via personal computer, tablet, mobile phone (Android, iOS) and smart watch
  • Set SMS or email  alerts to management of  pending  approval  transactions and  notify  beneficiaries  upon  receipt of  funds.
  • Prepare and approve transactions and monitor account balance via mobile phone using SCB Anywhere  mobile application

Online security  that  meets  international standards

  • 256-bit, secure socket layer (SSL) protection with end-to-end data encryption and firewall
  • Can assign different levels of transaction authorization: Viewer / Maker / Signer / Admin
  • Enhanced security  with  the use of  SMS one-time password (OTP) and token authentication.

* In development


  • Easy to use anywhere, anytime 24 hours a day, with online balance monitoring via personal computer, tablet, mobile phone (Android, iOS) and smart watch.


  • Access banking services instantly by computer or smart phone


  • Able to self-manage  and control company's  data  and  account  users


  • Data protection at the highest international standards gives you complete confidence in online banking



  • Applicant must be a Thai citizen or Thai juristic person with taxpayer identification number
  • Must have an SCB  savings  and/or current  account
  • Each system user must provide email address and mobile phone number

Documents Required

Juristic person

A juristic person is a limited company, public company limited, limited partnership or juristic limited partnership.

Apply via SCB StartBiz
Apply via application form

  • I.D. card of person authorized to sign
  • Company stamp

  • Copy of certificate of juristic person, not more than 6 months old
  • Letter to verify person authorized to sign for juristic person, with copy of identification document (i.e. copy of national I.D. card)
  • Company stamp, if available

For Thai or Foreign  non-juristic person

  • Copy of I.D. card with signature


  • Service is  not available for NRBA (non-resident baht account), for neither  juristic person  nor individual

For more information, please contact SCB Business Call Center, 8.30 am  - 7 pm,  Monday - Sunday

Telephone 02-722-2222

E-mail address: