A Great Tool for Thai SMEs to Stand at the Top on Amazon.com

Continuing from the previous article "Techniques to prepare and the reason why Thai SMEs should enter the world market with amazon.com" that introduces opportunities for Thai to enter the international market. Go to sell products in the online market in America with a customer base of over 300 million people. This article will delve into various programs/websites/ applications. That helps armed to entrepreneurs to go through the world market with strength in the global e-commerce arena.

1. Find products "right" with Jungle Scout

Website  www.junglescout.com  The website www.junglescout.com is a tool designed to support sellers in doing business on amazon.com. Especially at the beginning, the seller can use this tool to answer the popular question "What is best selling on Amazon?" And "What will we sell?"

In the business world, the first thing to do before leaping onto the competition field is "market survey" and evaluating "competitors". Also, on Amazon.com, what sellers must look at is Amazon.com in America, what are they selling? Is there any demand for the products that we intend to sell f? And why products can be sold? To find the answer here, go to the Amazon website change shipping location from Thailand to USA (assuming New York). The pages that are customized according to the location will show the products and will change as the customers in New York see. Here, we will be able to know what products are popular with New York people. If we already have a product in our mind that you want to sell, enter the product keyword. The search result will show how many people are selling the same item. If the search results are more than 10,000, it is considered a mass product. If less than 10,000, it is considered a niche product.

The factors that people choose to buy with the seller are the selling price of each store, the number of stars that customers give a review (5-1 stars), the number of reviews that many reviews will mean the number of people coming to buy a lot. And reviews can also be used to estimate sales because according to statistics, 1% of buyers will return to review the product. In addition, it includes badges that can be obtained from Amazon.com such as Bestseller, Amazon Choice and Prime.

Although the website amazon.com already has information displayed but going to explore all the information is a hundred thousand items It is a waste of time. An important function of Tool Jungle Scout is to help analyze the product's potential in one click. Just enter the name of the product item that you want to sell. The tool will sweep all that product's information and analyze average monthly sales, average selling price, sales per month, revenue number, reviews quality, reviews of each owner. The key is to evaluate whether the product is likely to be sold or not. By looking at the needs of the market and competition and analyze it into a 1-10 score. If the product you are aiming for scores more than 5, there is a high chance of success.

Although the use of Jungle Scout is free, at SCB, which is a partner with Amazon Global SellingThailand, entrepreneurs who join the Amazon JumpStart program can try Jungle Scout with SCB to explore the potential of products in the American online market with no charge.

Want to send products to sell now right? Do not wait and get to know the next tool to support the sellers.

2. Create reliable product reviews using "Early Reviewer Program"

When choosing a product to sell and have an account opened, selling your own products, have beautiful photos complete product details that concise, not be hasty. The important thing that makes our listing reliable and customers decide to buy from us is "Product Review". both in terms of quantity and quality. According to Amazon statistics, when a listing has 5 or more reviews, the sales will increase significantly. Therefore, the seller must make a listing of 5 reviews as soon as possible. Here, Amazon.com also has the "Early Reviewer Program" program to support sellers. Which will send promotions to buy discounts on anything on Amazon.com for customers who return product reviews. The promotion that Amazon.com provides will help attract online shoppers to return product reviews effectively

3. Strategy to grab customers with giveaway samples through Amazon Giveaway

Usually, if it is a store that has a general storefront, the distribution of trial products is one of the promotions that are usually done to get customers. This strategy can be done with online marketing. It is a seeding technique that helps to increase ranking results, search results, products on the first page. With Amazon.com having the Amazon Giveaway program by giving away free product samples to interested customers by filling in the address information. In which the seller can specify the distribution ratio of the product samples, such as 10 giveaway 1 or 5 giveaway 1, etc. This strategy, in addition to helping with trial and product visibility, we also obtain information about customers who are interested in our products. In order to do promotions, invite to buy again and there are also opportunities for customers to come back to review and build credibility for our products as well.

4.  Calculate the cost of FBA service fees

First, let's explain the FBA system again. The FBA system stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Is a logistics system that helps SME entrepreneurs to sell products in the e-commerce market in America effectively. Only the operator sends the goods to the Amazon.com warehouse in the United States. When an order arrives, the Amazon.com team will help pack the product to the customer. And helps with customer service, answering questions, including returning or exchanging products.

In addition to facilitating logistics, the use of the FBA system also makes our products accessible to Prime Member members who pay annual membership fees and receive free delivery fees. Over 300,000 customers in this group are heavy buyers who buy a lot, and Prime Member customers will buy products with Prime sign first. And the acquisition of the Prime Mark, the seller must use the FBA system

In this regard, sellers using the FBA system will be charged for this service, with Amazon.com dividing the costs into 2 parts:

  • Order management fees include picking, pack, product, product weight management Which will be paid in pieces when the order occurs.
  • Cost of products in stock by calculating per piece per month. Divided into short-term periods 1-6 for the first month and long-term for months 7-12 and from the 12th month onwards, where short-term service fees are charged very little. But the service fee will be higher if there is a lot of inventory after 6 months onwards.

Sellers who want to know FBA service costs for cost calculation can check the costs through

www.tinyurl.com/testFBABy using ASIN numbers of products that are similar or close to the products that we want to sell Will be able to moderate the cost of FBA services.


Aside from these tool programs, there are also various strategies to help SME entrepreneurs deliver their products to online marketing on Amazon.com. Amazon Global Selling Thailand has a 6-week Jump Start program to educate interested entrepreneurs. By the end of the 6th-week project, entrepreneurs will send the first lot to the Amazon.com sale. And SCB SME as a partner for this project will help support credit entrepreneurs as well as creating product photos, product details in English for uploading up to the Amazon.com website page. As well as analyzing the business situation as well.

For those who are interested in the good activities that SCB offers to SME entrepreneurs next time, can follow the activities of the bank via SCB SME community from the Facebook Group and the SCB SME website.