Innovation that plant inspiration

2 CORO brothers, Port Mitdanai and Pete Pundanai Sathavonmanee

Green chlorophyll helps to create energy for plants just like CORO Field, a beautiful and innovative agricultural farm that empowers and gives inspiration to Thai farmers and including visitors. The farm is more than a business but is a passionate journey for the two brothers who want to create value for the society around them and uplift Thai farmers.

Escape the monotonous stress To the solution that brings together money, time and happiness

"The first 5 years of working with the family's organic fertilizer business I could work with clients, which are farmers from north to south. One month I slept in the house for no more than 3 days. I rarely see my parents. Every month had to carry fertilizer to rice fields more than 1,000 places, where life is very tiring. Think of a picture of a sale of fertilizer that must be waded throughout the country. " khun Port

tells us about the beginning of a young, international student who just graduated in stepping into agribusiness. When asked if it was tried with this hard work, Khun Port answered that he was not tired because he was not discouraged. Stress and hard work are different because of happiness. Because on that day, Khun Port still has passion. "There is a grandmother who has been doing rice farming in Chiang Rai for 70 years. Grandma said there are never any owners who come down to watch rice fields with her like this. I found many more similar sentences. It inspires me to know that what I was doing was valuable. "


As for Khun Pete the younger who was working in a stock market that looks elegant, but it was serious. There was only hustle every day, looked on the screen, graphs, and numbers all day. "Actually, it was fun because I liked it. But it was not the only thing that I wanted to do in life. I used to imagine that if I were 60, I had a lot of money, but I might not be happy or feel regretful the past life " When having to do the same things repeatedly that we're not the real goal of life, stress and fatigue accumulated. They started to question the value of life and why are we born? At the Moment, the two brothers sparked the idea of ​​living a valuable life at the same time, even in different contexts. But they have the same goal. "If money is an important matter, wouldn't it be better if we could make money and be happy? Then it creates some value, something more valuable is our time. " And that was the beginning of the CORO Field project.

Create innovations that can be done and add value to things that already have

"We said that we want to improve the quality of life for Thai farmers. But it does not happen. We say the cool words, but we knew that what we did is not right. Therefore, began to question what we are doing? Will we do this to death? "

When the original work did not meet the needs to participate in giving good things to society and raising a Thai farmer's life. And most importantly, a passion for doing things in the long run. Therefore, looking back at the existing assets both the land at Suan Phueng and the organic fertilizer factory of the family that can be further utilized. "It is not just us who have to live like this in a hurried way. Therefore, I was inspired to create tourist attractions and wanted it to be a place that gives positive energy to those who visit. This became the CORO Field because of Chlorophyll. Because it is a substance that gives the power to plants and we hope that this is a tourist destination that gives energy to people who work hard and have stress and live a hurry live like we are. After going back then have the energy to continue working. They set up a difficult goal that "We want to do the best farm. That is not because we are in Suan Phueng and therefore people just come to visit Suen Phuong. But want to do well that foreigners visiting Thailand because CORO Field is in this country” It is the reason why they put a lot of details at the best that the experiences of the two young guys can be thought of on that day. Both have been intensively studying and working on this project since 2012. Because Khun Pete didn't have any knowledge of agriculture at all but really determined to grow it himself, not just creating fake images for tourists. If we want to inspire other people, we must do it first. The brothers took over three years to open CORO Field in 2015. Simple beauty and everything that looks neat is not easy as just flip the finger. But caused by studying and paying attention to every detail seriously. "From tissue paper until the song that was opened in the restaurant was selected by us because it's a project that we want to make money with and want to have fun with it too "

Far more than just us but is to uplift Thai farmers

"When I was a monk on alms giving, I already knew that people were determined to bring the best things to give to us. When I was opening the lid like life was hit by lightning for the first time. Because the alms-bowl is only rice, glutinous rice, and there was no other food at all. They gave me the best things and all the people who come to offer food were our customers, our farmers.

And the second move came when Khun Port started to grow organic salad with one senior friend. When fertilizer sellers never grow crops and that time was the first real planting. He understood why the fertilizer was sold, and the customer said it didn't work. He learned an important lesson that agriculture has many problems that why can't agriculturalists get out of the informal debt cycle. Because farmers are not marketers. They don’t have a market at hand. Everything is at the destination. But today, we want to be part of the development of the quality and value of the Thai agricultural circle as much as we can. "We know that we don't have the power to do everything. But it is a passion that from now on we want our issue to be more than ours. We would like to develop products in Suan Phueng style that are valuable. In the form that Bangkok people must buy this Not because he has pity on farmers, but that product is good. We want to tell people on this planet when meeting Israeli, Japanese, Dutch we will tell them that if you want to see agriculture that is cool, you must come to Thailand. There are about a million small farms here and every farm is just cool in the way it is. "

Not just planting trees But we grow inspiration

"Here, we don't plant trees, but we cultivate inspiration for those who come here whether farmers or city people who are visiting. We want him to be a good inspiration for them to go create something good for themselves. When you become stronger, you will have time to create something good to the people around you at that society and that place, "said Port proudly.

The specialty here is the perfect combination of growing a plant that is difficult to grow in Thailand and the design of the planting. Which can be used by visitors, resulting in a combination of ingredients that are seen today at CORO Field, Suan Phueng. Our country has good things. There are many delicious fruits. We would like Thai farmers to be able to stand on the world stage and we want to be a part of creating that. We want to show that even though it was difficult, we can do if we study seriously and do not give up. This place is like the mini-museums of two siblings that allow people to really experience. This place is more than just a restaurant because sometimes people never see that plant on the ground at all, just eat them. There are many customers who say that they have just seen salad trees for the first time. At the beginning of the business, when did the activities on the land, we gave them gloves so that their hands wouldn't get stained? But They threw the gloves away and then mixed them with the dirt. We have seen parents and children having fun together, smiling and doing small farming together. Even if it's only for a short time the happiness at simplicity by using nature as a medium and the close momentum of the family that is getting less and less every day in a fast-paced urban society.

The more difficult, the more sustainable

"If choosing to do something easily, shortly others will follow. But if choosing to do something difficult with a thick barrier to entry, it is very difficult when you are finished, and others can follow. More difficult, but more fun and enduring. ” Khun Pete's sentence gives us the strength to fight to make a difficult goal happen.

There are a lot of people asking why they choose to grow Japanese melon. They chose melon because that day was a plant that was not easily planted. Both want to find plants that can inspire. Foreign plants, however, can be planted at Suan Phueng, less than two hundred kilometers from Bangkok. In addition to the melon, there are cherry tomatoes from the Netherlands and various salad vegetables.

Which the concept is trying to avoid growing plants that anyone can grow. Try to do a little but a lot There are 5 rules to choose the plants to grow: 1) the plants can be grown at a cost we have 2) choose the plants that price are better than the market average 3) have a market to support the products 4) must be difficult to follow and 5) once invested, it must be able to be continued because it is a business. All of which have cost. There are employees who are not just hiring them for three months and then let them out. And on days when there is no product, we must be able to feed them to have the same income. Finally chose melon because most of the people visiting Suan Phueng are Thai people; therefore, see that Thai people like foreign goods and melon is a fruit that both like. "The basis is another 10 years; will we still want to eat or want to do what we do today? In order to not waste what we have done. " As well as being able to increase the value of what can be done, which is to create a visitor experience. In addition to the location, there are also products that are made with other experts, such as jam made with a Thai national chef. Or melon ice cream that is sold at famous supermarkets

Create a community to share Because agriculture is not a solitary business

"Our passion is to make Thai farmers more sustainable. Today, we consider ourselves as a representative of the agricultural sector that wants to promise and tell ourselves that one year with SCB, we will be responsible for reaching out to as many farmers as possible. Let them know that there are still many options that can help them, and they are not walking alone. " Actually, just reach out of their hands. They will benefit a lot from what they never knew was able to obtain a lot of knowledge and help from the bank to expand the businesses. Having someone to point the way is easier and faster. There are experts in each matter waiting to give advice. We don't have to be good at everything. "We want to create a community to share with farmers because agriculture is a business that cannot be alone. We have already overcome various obstacles. We are pleased to continue with this determination with SCB and work together to solve problems for Thai farmers to truly grow. "

The dialogue with Khun Port and Pete shows that a new generation of creative people has a commitment and ready to use their potential to help uplift the Thai agricultural sector that is most of the country to have a better quality of life. The two brothers, CORO, make us see that agriculture is a "cool" profession and can blend in seamlessly with other industries. Whether agriculture and tourism, agriculture for health and many other sectors because agriculture is the foundation of life, not just Thailand but it is the basic industry that nourishes the life of the whole world.

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