From a freelance photographer to the light forwarder for SMEs

Ukit Tangsubkul  

Minted Group

"Must believe first that we are Then we will be " Inner that pushed the former freelance photographer changed and rose to become the kinder of digital knowledge for Thai SMEs to grow. The 14-year business life path of a strong man who accepts losing but not losing his reputation. A young man who graduated in science but instead chose to pursue a photography career. Journey to the peak of success in digital business, real estate agencies and "teachers" who pass on many business knowledges.

These paths all must go through a lot of tests in many fields. Khun Mint Ukit Tangsubkul, who has a big goal that is more than just building a business but is "lighting" for Thailand to develop.

Loss but win the heart

"Want to work in which I do not have to be a machine." This thought occurred in his's mind while still working on photography. Because being a freelance cannot be sick, cannot take a vacation, cannot be late and cannot die. So, he set up Minted Images, initially thinking of doing a photo stock company. But having a company, having subordinates, must have worked and can't just wait to follow the dream alone. With the motto "Loss but cannot lose the reputation" he always dedicates to working.

Therefore was the beginning of change When got working in multimedia for one of the leading universities in Thailand. That work is called "Losing the battle but winning the war" because of the loss of several hundred thousand but instead wins the customer's heart. And got 3 more jobs, one of which is a large real estate company. So, the result is beyond expectations. Customers are happy and this made him get jobs in real estate continuously. Which is the beginning of the digital work for this business.

Change appearance Increase thought value

"The agency can charge for idea cost, but Mint can't charge because you are not an agency”
The words of customers that Khun Mint can remember accurately to this day and is another turning point to growth. When it was found that the price that other agencies received from the website design was only two pages, equal to the price that he made for the entire client website. The value of the work is many times different, just because he had not yet determined that he was an agency. When clearly seen that the image and price are related. Khun Mint didn't hesitate to change himself even he didn't even understand what the agency was. But because of the attitude that "We believe first that we are, then we will be. Believe first and then find a way to achieve the goal and will eventually reach that point. Beginning with learning and imitating by using strategies to build trust. When the company itself is small but working for the big company, therefore selling from the portfolio. Combined with managing customer awareness and confidence because "price comes with capability". If the price is low, customers think that we work cheaply.

Delivering beyond expectations

"I do not see myself as an agency but a partner. The goal of our customers is our mission. "
When did a customer ask if he could do Google, touch screen, or aerial photography? Even at that time the company only had three employees and some works that still couldn't do them. But with the positive thought that If customers have ever done it, then someone must be able to do it. He also could find ways to deliver good work to clients. That makes customers see Khun Mint more than just a vendor, but a partner that can solve everything. Talk to us and everything that used to be a problem, we can find the answer. Because of a can-do attitude and giving than expectations, resulting in admiration and word of mouth, therefore continually grows.


The whole army must see the same "big picture".

The main problem with SME is human matters. There are two issues: Finding people and losing people. Many people look at work only but couldn't see that what he had done had a wider effect. Khun Mint talks about the video editor staff who thought that his career was "just", editing. I had to tell him to look again that his job is not just that. "What is done is to pass the knowledge set to the whole of Thailand" The work you do means more than what you see. Like planting trees from small seeds and buried in the ground. Over time, it will grow, yield, and work, as we drop the seeds into people's lives. This matter is very important. Business owners cannot grow if the team doesn’t understand what their business goals are. Must make the team see the big picture Same picture as us. Khun Mint himself, up until this point, had gone through the problem of "people" until he was sleeping with tears and stress for a week. When the employees who bond together and worked together for more than half, resigned in just three months. Until he thought of a new idea that "Whatever happens, it must be good." I thought we haven't found the right person for us to grow together. I will not regret what was lost but focus on what they have and then add value to them. From that day, the company has grown up to about 3 times every year. Khun Mint took the employees to travel abroad with the package money. Because the company's concept is "Must grow together"

The more you give, the more you get and stronger

When workloads and money supply are not problems, Khun Mints started to look at the potential development. By thinking that the company must get Certified Google, so asked the staff who already have some knowledge about Google to go to study. But the teams who are not good at English come back and say it's difficult. "The word is hard. It doesn't solve the problem," Mint said. "The word difficult doesn't solve the problem," Khun Mint told his team. He said that he will show them that it’s possible, even though he didn't know about Google at all. He studied the manual by himself for 6 weeks, and finally, he was successfully did it. And brought what he know to pass on to the team. The more you teach, the more you understand and presenting to customers better. And with the goal of wanting to be a part that will help develop the country Therefore want to develop the knowledge of using Google for business to the next level. Because he hopes to use his knowledge to help develop the potential of Thai SMEs. But at that time there was no class in our country, so we had to fly to study in Malaysia. Where he found that only Thai people truly understand the Thai context. Foreign instructors can only teach theory but cannot teach the application to our market. "One day, I will teach Google to Thai people " Khun Mint came up with this idea. Therefore, set up a company "My Digital Partner" to open Google public class at that time that nobody did this. By teaching others, he was reviewing his's own knowledge and get a better understand of Google tools.
And then extended to Facebook teaching, which is a success and pride because students can use the knowledge to make money, expand businesses. Or some people will expand their knowledge further. "Illuminating by acting as a candle to light someone else's candle Our candles are not weakened, "said Khun Mint with pride. And that has led to the spread of knowledge far to Thai people around the world. By switching to online teaching as "Minted Academy" and changing the company's vision to "To raise Thai GPD  1%"

Cannot climb Mount Everest alone

"We are equal to the average of people around us." To increase the average of yourself, if you are a business owner, which is number one in the organization, then you must put yourself in the middle of those who build a business as well. Having joined the IEP with SCB, Khun Mint had a good experience, lots of knowledge, friendship and new perspectives. 

Khun Mint made friends with business people who truly shared their experiences. Listening to the other people’s stories of the challenge, the success or failure of friends from a variety of businesses encourage him. And understand that his problem is just a small one compared to other people's problems, and if they could go through, he must also be able to pass them. After shared experiences from friends at IEP, Khun Mint then stepped into being a giver by being a mentor in The Dots project with SCB SME. Which allows him to receive a lot of valuable knowledge and experience from seniors and friends. Therefore, do not have to try and make mistake by himself to waste time. "To travel to a higher location, such as walking up the summit of Mount Everest you go alone, you will die. First, must ask people who have been before. The second must-have people walking together. Third, if you got there, just tell the people who are still below at the foothill. Because many more people below, they don't know how high the view is. The people down there were sitting and talking to each other and said that it was impossible. But the people who arrived already knew that it was possible, but it must know how to do it correctly. "Khun Mint gives an example of the value of helping and sharing knowledge and experience with each other. The beauty and power of the group that caused both the giving and receiving sincerely.

The dialogue with Khun Mint shows the power of having a purpose or a clear goal to be a compass for life and business. Every path is full of challenges. That in a limited time, what will we choose to do? Why do we choose to do it and do it for whom? No matter how far or how big the goal is, we will go the right way. Just dare to think and believe that it is possible. Proud opportunities for success are waiting for us to appreciate. Set a clear goal today and join the journey with those who have reached success. And ready to help you reach the peak of success easier and faster Let the power of the group help drive your success.

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