What kind of eating like 'Taiwanese'? Access - Understand local style

When talking about traveling with a fragrant flavor A hot steam of hot dishes is involved. The name "Taiwan" often must sit in the mind. But when following the manuscript, the only famous shop may not be enough Let's get to know the local gastronomic culture. Allowing time to visit to arrive at the destination to be as smooth as the Taiwanese

The first culture that should be known So that it will not be sparse later That is, most local stores still prefer the system "Pay first, eat later" When we have finished selecting the menu Staff will ask first, "eat here" or "take-home" If the employee hasn't left us anywhere know that we must pay immediately or sometimes have to take orders to pay at the counter. This is another convenient system when full, can just leave immediately.

And while waiting for the menu to be served Turn left and look right Almost every store focuses on a semi-self-service system. Pick up napkin (Which is usually attached to the box on the wall), spoon and chopsticks to wait by yourself. Some shops are generous, there are water, tea, and unlimited service.


Now, let's explore the local eating culture. Start at dawn, most tourists would have their breakfast at the hotel. But arrived in food heaven try walking out of the lobby and wandering the streets. From the sun rising to 11 o'clock or noon, there is a delicious "breakfast restaurant". Especially in the market district, schools, universities, there are many to choose, crowded types must line up. Reflecting popularity in an era where people must spend every minute's worth.

The popular menu has both Taiwanese style and western hybrids. Start with beverages that are often to choose between tofu or milk tea to sizzle hot. Eaten with a variety of menus. Such as crispy and long crunchy bread, deep-fried dough with meat and vegetables. But some shops that are authentic local, may have fried dough menu and implant Chinese bread too or choose the egg roll, egg sandwich, hamburger egg, and a delicious dessert, dipping in a delicious sweet sauce. Guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

For lunch, restaurants that many people may have seen are "Buffet style restaurant" with dishes lined in trays. Interesting thing is that stores like this will use food weighing methods to calculate prices. Unless certain types of meat dishes may have special pricing. When walking into the shop, there will be a place to put plates like trays, reminiscent of a school cafeteria or anyone wanting to wrap in a box, you can pick up the box as well. Then line up to scoop the food that you like.

When it comes to billing some stores may have the option of regular rice or brown rice. The thrilling charm of this type of shop is that each place has no fixed price formula. Even the Taiwanese people may not know but for the most part, the price is reasonable for the selection. (Many times, we find that it might be worth even more than the price), so without a doubt. Most of the restaurants are luxurious, with an average of 80 Taiwan dollars.

Another type that cannot live without, it is a buffet style but with a focus on freshly prepared "Luwei" which is often lined up about restaurants and night markets. The procedure is very easy. Just pick up the basket and pick up the things you need. But should observe the price because some things will have a label such as 3 meatballs for the price of TWD20, you should choose all

When you have all the meat, vegetables and noodles you want will calculate the price. The cook will ask us what level of spicy is needed before cooking. Whether dry or soup, depending on the recipe of that restaurant. Note that if it is a tourist area, there will be a table to sit in the shop. But may have to subsidize the store's drinks a little more Considered in exchange for providing casual dining

And which I can't talk about is the "Pearl milk tea shop" and various types of tea. That may be a lot like a light pole in Bangkok that is easy to find anywhere. Things to remember are when choosing a shop that you like, and the right menu is finished. The process doesn’t stop there. We must choose the ice and sugar level first. Ranked from normal sweetness, reduced to 75% (Less), mid-level 50% (Half), low level 25% (Light) and 0% for people who don't like sweetness. There are 3 levels of ice levels: normal, little, and no ice. If visiting Taiwan in the winter, try ordering without ice. We will find value for the full amount.

Having this option is to give consumers the option of not having to displease themselves or to be afraid of their favorite drink. Especially Taiwan which is "The original pearl milk tea" that has been famous since the 1990s throughout the world. But research has been conducted to periodically extract sugar and fat levels, together with the problem of obesity that starts to be a problem in the youth. When there are healthier alternatives that don't have to be complicated, try to eat and drink correctly.

The last thing that should not be missed is because it may be equal to not coming to Taiwan, the "hotpot" that has both the Taiwanese hundreds of dollars for a single menu. To the buffet type restaurant, priced from NT $ 700 or more. Although it sounds inviting to sweat before sitting in front of the stove. But wait a minute try it once and you'll know the value for money, both the quality of the meat, the soup, and the dipping sauce. If you are afraid that your cash will not enough, don't hesitate. Select the shop that has credit card symbols. Use the SCB JCB Platinum credit card to swipe and pay. Great value in Taiwan, whether used to swipe cards for shopping or eating delicious items, collecting 1 point per 25 baht/sales slip Get 3% cashback from the first baht, etc. Anyone who doesn't have a card can click to apply via the SCB EASY APP. Free for a lifetime fee. See more  >> https://www.scb.co.th/th/personal-banking/cards/credit-cards/all-cards/scb-jcb-platinum.html

Know this secret is enough that the next trip to Taiwan you can wear the role of a professional diner. Walking around the city, ordering food and eating like a local can be comfortable.