Lake Constance, one lake, three countries, Switzerland, Germany, Austria

Paris, Prague, Munich, Rome, Venice, Vienna. Everyone's already gone there. Travel to Europe to the new places, not crowded, not a place that everyone knows. Let’s get to another part of Europe that is quieter and more peaceful this time. Today will take you to the new check-in point, although not a famous tourist destination but ensuring that it is beautiful and pleasant, no less than anywhere in Europe. A new destination to visit today is not ordinary because it is a lake that connects the Rhine and lies at the foot of the Alps. Bordered by three countries: Germany, Switzerland, and Austria Can say that traveling to one lake but visiting in three countries is Lake Constance or Bodensee in German.

When saying this name, I believe that most Thai people would hardly ever hear it and wonder about where Lake Constance is in Europe. If telling coordinates easily in Germany it is in the region of Bavaria. The big cities that are not far away are Munich and Fussen, which is home to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. But if viewed from the Swiss side, the nearest big city is Zurich and near the Rhine Falls.  As for Austria, the nearest famous city is Innsbruck. If flying from Thailand, the nearest airport is Zurich Flughafen Airport, which takes only 1.30 - 2 hours by car or train from Zurich. But if getting off at the Munich airport, it will take about 3 hours. Therefore, visiting the beautiful city around Lake Constance can be done for both overnight stay and day trip from Switzerland, such as from Zurich, St. Gallen or the city near Rhine Falls, such as Schaffhausen is easy. Or whether it's a day trip from the southern town of Bavaria can be done as well.

Is there something beautiful to see and what activities to do? Lake Constance can travel throughout the year and have a variety of activities to do. You can travel comfortably without having to rent a car and drive by yourself because there are both boats and trains for connecting between different cities. Activities go from walking around to see the beautiful old town. From spring to autumn or from mid-April to mid-October, you can cruise the lake and visit the desired city. In the summer, you can swim in the water comfortably. In the winter it can be enjoyed skiing on the hilltop. Or if looking closely each city one by one, that should make the picture clearer. Let’s go to dabble in each city one by one. Each city is not far away from each other. Travelers can visit 2-3 cities a day.

Bgegenz, Austria

Ride the cable car hiking at Pfander for a panoramic view of the lake, from Switzerland. Germany and Austria and including the 240 peaks of the Alpine Mountains. Above there is a restaurant to enjoy the view with a special meal. During the summer between July and August, there is a great music festival held every year, with the stage floating on the lake. The atmosphere of listening to music is the most aesthetic. In addition, the city also has a museum of contemporary art. There are many lovely restaurants and cafes by the lake. The city is easy to visit because it's not big and the train station is right next to the lake. Get off the train and can walk straight away.

Lindau, Germany

For this city, we must say that do not miss it. This city is an island, so it is surrounded by water. Who likes to take it easy, likes to walk in beautiful cities, take a picture and stop by to see cute things? Then resting, drinking coffee, and watching people, this place is very suitable. Lindau is an old town with lovely, brightly colored houses that very fun to take pictures. When getting off the train, immediately walk out to see the lake, the lighthouses and centuries-old ancient lion statues, the city's iconic landmark on the lake right away. We can start to touch Lindau right from this point. Walking along the bridge parallel to the lake is a high angle to see both the outside lake view and the ancient city on the other side. It is a beautiful image that requires pressing the shutter fast. But anyone who wants to see a higher view can go up to the top of the lighthouse for a better view. Lindau is an 800-year-old town. All buildings are in good condition, with bright and sweet colors. Every corner is colorful and lovely. When walking outside the old city walls, the new town is clean, beautiful, shady waterfront parks. The road is spacious and neat. Wherever you walk, it's easy on the eyes, because it is surrounded by rivers at every point. Who has time to want to spend the night because there is a lovely hotel with good atmosphere? Many waterfront selections

Konstanz,  Germany:

Considered to be the hub of this area because it is the point where every lake cruise ship will stop. Therefore, anyone wanting to take a boat trip is recommended to get started here.
The harbor in this city is beautiful no less than other places. In addition, Konstanz is an old town that is outstanding, classic and well-maintained, including a beautiful large church. Who likes shopping? This city is the largest shopping spot in this area. The most famous tourist spot is Mainau, which is a short boat ride away. Go to see the flower garden Which is magnificent and can have lunch among the many shady plants there.

Meersberg, Germany

This city is famous for castles and not just one but two. Visitors can see the beauty of the ancient castle to two places that are easily called. That the old castle and the new castle. The old castle was built since the 7th century. Inside, there are also museums and restaurants. Just a short walk from the old castle, the new castle which was built in the 18th-century city in the year 1712 in Baroque style. Inside the museum are a collection of precious objects and beautiful paintings. Outside there is also a beautiful garden which is one of the most beautiful views of Lake Constance.

St.Gallen, Germany:

It is another city with old architecture that is worth visiting. The place that should not be missed is the ancient library. The building itself is an ancient Baroque building, inside it houses a large collection of ancient books and is said to be one of the largest ancient libraries in the world. In the same area, there is a church, twin towers that are art in the same period

The cities that given are the only examples. The area around Lake Constance also has many interesting cities and tourist attractions. Importantly, this area is not crowded with tourists like famous tourist attractions or in large cities. Each city is clean, safe and fully equipped. Therefore, allowing to travel without having to be annoyed with the scramble, usurp a lot of people and do not worry about criminals. If interested in staying overnight on the lake, suggest staying at Lindau or Konstanz, as they are a large city with a nice atmosphere and plenty of good accommodation to choose from. Accommodation information can be found on popular websites such as Agoda, Booking or Expedia, which can be pre-paid, later or can even cancel the reservation within the specified time. By simply providing the credit card information to make reservations or can book directly to the hotel. There are currently, many hotels offer good rates for accommodation, not more expensive than book through Agoda or Booking. Plus, there is a pre-paid booking at the hotel too. Spending in this zone is like in other places. In Europe, at hotels, shops, restaurants, all accept credit cards. Credit card spending is, therefore, a more convenient and secure method than carrying a lot of cash. In addition, many types of SCB credit cards, such as SCB BEYOND cards, if you buy plane tickets with that card, we will also get free travel insurance. For the SCB MY TRAVEL card, in addition to getting free travel insurance, it is also protected in the event of a stolen wallet or being robbed as well.