Build better physical and mental health with Eco-Planting.

Plants have many benefits to all living things. The plant has properties used as medicine since ancient times. Regarding housing having a green area to plant trees is therefore not only taking into consideration the beauty but must also consider the benefits that the tree will give to us as well. Therefore, the application of Eco-Planting principles is good for health. It helps to alleviate illnesses both physically and mentally as well.

Allergy symptoms, dust, asthma

Planting flowers and leaves that have air filtering properties can trap dust from the road like Binn, African tulip tree, Purple Orchid Tre Wrightia arborea , Waterkanon or Wild allamanda in the home area is like a good air filter that helps trap various dust. There are still trees that can absorb various toxins in the air such as Thailand lady palm, Dumb cane, Snake plant, Boston fern, and Spathiphyllum sp. which can eliminate toxic substances such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene, and Toluene. Including plants that help absorb carbon dioxide, such as Bungor, Indian oak, Mountain ebony tree, Sweet Oleander, Cloth of gold, Ganges Primrose and Pentas lanceolate , etc.,

Growing these trees will make the house a place where all members can breathe clean, pollution-free air. The clean air will help alleviate various diseases such as allergies, asthma caused by dust in the air. Create good health.

Stress, insomnia

Planting fragrant gladiolus in the garden Also helps to treat tiredness, fatigue, and irritability from tension outside the house like the aromatherapy. Imagine walking into the house and getting a cool, sweet fragrance from fragrant plants like Florida fiddlewood, Gardenia thailandica , Gardenia, jasmine, Pentas lanceolate, Banyan Tree and Rosemary. The fragrance of these flowers will help relax, reduce stress, blood pressure and helps to sleep well. And when combined with having plants that help filter sunlight or reduce temperatures in the house such as planting large trees for shade houses and planting ground cover plants to prevent surface heat. This will help to make our home cool and the weather is not hot. Then it will not be causing anger. and sleep well. This is a home that is good for physical health and mental health.

Owning a house or condo not just living life in the building but also means being in the middle of a green area for recreation and surrounded by nature. Having a garden or green area decorated with beautiful and abundant plants, flowers, and leaves with many benefits creates a sense of pleasure. Will help add value to the housing that is desirable for people to want to stay. There are projects developed by leading developers that recognize the importance of plants, using Eco-Planting principles to design the green space around the project seamlessly.

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Information from : Sansiri Blog