Worry-free investment with 5 steps.

Although investment can speed up financial freedom it seems complicated for people without knowledge. Some people have already invested in losses or the return does not meet the target. That has caused many people to give up. These concerns can be resolved because bank has a professional advice service for arranging portfolios with systematic data analysis to suit each investor's full range with 5 steps to ensure investment as follows

Step 1 Requirements analysis

To prepare readiness in investment, investors are allowed to examine their goals and risks that are acceptable from conducting a Suitability Test risk assessment to find a suitable investment plan. At this stage, it is a starting point for understanding investors. in order to specify investment design guidelines that truly correspond to the behavior and interests of investors.

Step 2 Asset Allocation

In order to be in relation to the goals and risks that the investors can accept, this step will design the proportion of money to be invested in various types of assets. Which type of instruments will be put into mutual funds or any type of securities and in what proportion. The bank will analyze and specify clearly at this stage in order to lay the foundation of the investment proportion of each investor in accordance with the long-term needs.

Step 3 Select investment according to th

This is to choose financial products to be invested in proportion to the investment from step 2. What should be invested in, chosen by reason and understanding in line with goals and risks that investors can accept. That makes the decision be more accurate and is most beneficial to investors

Step 4 Monitoring and improvement of inv

As the investment situation changes all the time, the Stagnancy can be a dangerous point that makes investing easily in the wrong target. Monitoring and adjusting investment strategies per the situation will help the investment plan reach more realistic goals. In step 4, the bank is therefore a friend that will help keeping the investment in line with the target set.

Step 5 Report investment status

The bank will periodically report investment status to investors which will have a huge effect on tracking Investigate and review investments to ensure that progress is consistent and meets investment objectives.

A fully integrated investment advice based on this 5-step standard process will help investors become confident in their investments, reduce risks and achieve investment goals. Bank will help professionally to care for investors to have financial stability in the long term. Until achieving permanent financial freedom