Jaipur a photogenic city, great place for photo- Rustic lover must go

Hello Mister, today will invite you to bring the camera to the sweet pink city of Maharaja at "Jaipur". And you will understand why India is so incredible for those who have visited. Prepare the camera, prepare the memory cards and go to capture the beautiful images at Jaipur. Until the end of the trip, you may get thousands of impressive pictures like us.

We chose to go to Jaipur without hesitation because one low-cost airline that just opened a direct flight from Don Mueang to Jaipur. When I was trying to check the price just for fun, oh! Including everything, luggage loading and booking the best seats with food was at 5,500 baht. Prices like this are not impossible to not grab. Therefore, book a flight in advance across the year at a great price. Plus, a commitment that wanted to experience India once in a lifetime, so this trip has happened. Regardless of the threatens like, are you sure that you want to go to India? It's a mess and a food issue. But that does not make us hesitate to experience this unique country. And I can say that it's ten times better than I imagined. India at Jaipur doesn't rot as many people think. I confirm.

We chose to visit India in early February when the weather was cool. For a short 5 days 4 nights. Because even though I wanted to go to India, I was not sure if I would click with it there or not. India for the first time in life, so let's got a mini-trip first. The mind is ready, the bag is ready then prepare the costume in bright colors to compete with Indian girls. Our flight landed at Jaipur around midnight. For convenience and safety, we reserved the hotel car to pick up at the airport. Which the price is low, in Thai currency, only 300 baht to pick up at the airport and drop off at the hotel. No need to find a taxi and bargain, explain the location or get lost on the way.


The hotel we booked through Agoda was named Umaid Bhawan - A Heritage Style Boutique Hotel. This is a highly recommended hotel. This hotel is very beautiful. Lovely in every corner from the entrance to the roof. Because this is a heritage style hotel. It is an old building that used to be a luxurious mansion of a billionaire that was built in Indian style. The first morning, before we could go out at almost noon because of taking pictures of each corner in the hotel is enjoyable. Elegant like Maharaja but the price includes breakfast for two people is 2 thousand baht, falling just 1 thousand baht each. Isn’t this incredible?

Really tourism in Jaipur is very easy because you can go anywhere, by just get Tuk Tuk or take a taxi. Tuk Tuk is easy to find anywhere, plus the service fee is very cheap. Famous tourist attractions in the city, the cost not more than one hundred baht. For 2 people then no more than fifty each. But if taking a taxi with an air conditioner, the price will be more expensive. For us to travel in the city, we chose Tuk Tuk as a trusty vehicle because, in addition to being cheap, we also got excited. Foreigners like us hold on the pole of the car firmly, secretly screaming gently with a thrilling (that will crash) along the route, nowhere can be excited like this besides here in India

If traveling outside of the city like Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort or Jal Mahal, it's recommended to rent a taxi for the day. And travel everywhere in one day, because all the places are in the same direction. Get a taxi for a whole day at around 800 baht. Some people may wonder what can we take the bus or public transport to travel? Yes, there are busses, but I suggest that you don't make your life that difficult. The busses there are very crowded, the condition is very bad, very old, much worse than the hot bus in our country. In addition, various signs there is no English on the bus. Add a little more money so you can travel more and reduce the risk. Sit in the Tuk Tuk must prepare the mask to cover the nose as well. Because of the dust and smoke on both sides of the road is quite a lot.

Another question that made many people hesitant about traveling to India is the filthiness of their country. Other cities we don't know, but for Jaipur, we must say that it is acceptable. The scene in which people described that India has people defecate on the streets. We didn't see it even once. Of course, this place is not as clean as Japan but not so much dirty as you think. There is some garbage in the streets and some spots may be a little bit more, but many places are not worse than Bangkok that much. Only dust and people are clearly denser. The buildings look old. (Which I think is charm) To compare easily, for anyone who has been to Myanmar or to Yangon and okay with it. You can go to Jaipur comfortably without worry because it's close to each other. (Personally, I think Jaipur is much better than Yangon) There are pictures of cows and camels walking on the streets here as well. Personally, I think it's cute. But not a lot of cow dung, sloppy, a lot of things at all and I rarely seen that.

Another issue that people are wondering about is safety. Traveling for 5 days, I confirm that it's safe. In parentheses that we were not going anywhere at dark and no more than 8 pm, we had to go back to the hotel. All tourist attractions, every road that we went to we didn't feel unsafe or felt like someone would hurt us or come to rob in any way. The people here are quite friendly and even like the tourists. The only thing to be careful of is to lure us to buy stuff. Metallica and Metallica make us buy products. Or come to be kind and friendly or offer special help that will end with asking for money. Must say that there is no one doing anything for us for free if accepting the offer or received help you only had to spend money. To solve this is not difficult, just don't be too friendly. Don't talk to strangers. Just this is safe from unnecessary waste of money.

What about the food? For those who hate Indian food and refusing to touch it at all like me, If I can go, you can go as well. We ate at the cafes on the rooftop of the building that opposite the Landmark here, The wind palace or Hawa Mahal, almost every day. In the building, there are three cafes to choose from. But sell similar foods, which are simple western food, pasta, sandwich, hamburger, bakery, and various beverages. But I have to say that every menu doesn't have meat. In fact, Jaipur is hard to find stores that sell food that contains meat. Even the street shop, we still didn't see the shop that sells meat. Which can only be seen with nuts or fried flour foods? Even the breakfast at the hotel that we stayed in didn't even have a meat menu. We didn’t see a convenience store like 7-ELEVEN, something like that. Only found a small grocery store of the local people only. Therefore, throughout the trip, we ate vegetarian every meal, every day, which is considered a plus because it is a merit trip. Therefore, anyone worried about food, please bring supplies with you will be very helpful. This is another point that makes this trip an economical trip because we consume less. Because we didn't know what to eat. So, stock up the fruit from the hotel for lunch every day.

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, the northern state of India. And is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. For us, the fascinating thing in this pink city is Charming ancient Indian unique architecture. And in Jaipur there are many architectures to visit. Each must say you will get sick of taking a lot of pictures. Everywhere is photogenic.

Main tourist attractions are in the old town zone. The most famous one is the wind palace (Hawa Mahal). It is a landmark here. It is beautiful both outside and inside. The shot from the outside gives a picture of an orange arched building with hundreds of white-edged windows. That is only one here in the world! The inside is divided into three layers. Each floor has beautiful corners for taking great pictures, both the window and door arch. On the top floor, you can see the beautiful view of Jaipur, as far as Amber Fort outside the city. In the area connected is the City Palace, which is another spot that should not be missed. Inside, there are 4 famous arches of the peacock, each of them has a different style with beautiful sweet and stylish details. Again, they are very photogenic. But we must queue a little longer to get a beautiful single photo. Inside, there is also a museum displaying the stories and treasures of each of the Maharaja of Jaipur. Please take a walk to admire the beauty and enjoy taking pictures of this palace.

When the sun is shaded, continue walking to Jantar Mantar, the outdoor astronomy park. Which the former Maharaja used to study astronomy. There are strangely shaped buildings here. To have fun taking pictures as well. Each entrance fee does not exceed 150 baht.

Still in the city, but across to the new city zone, the must-visit place is the Albert Hall Museum. The building is an old palace made of white marble. Just outside the building, we had to take many pictures. Inside there are many sections displaying old objects, including crockery, Indian cloth, antique furniture, paintings, and literature. Inside every zone can take pictures. Outside the museum is a cozy café with a large menu of both hot and cold beverages and good tasting bakery, too.

Another day, suggesting chartering the whole day out of town. The spots that need to be visited from near too far are Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and the Water Palace or Jal Maha. From the city, it takes about 40 minutes to reach Amber Fort, an old palace that is located on the hill. Considered to be a must-visit, and personally impressed here the most. Recommend a plan to spend at least half a day because the space is very spacious, with chic spots, beautiful corners, beautiful gardens, and a high angle to enjoy the view. Arches, arches, windows, walls, ceilings here are so beautiful that you cannot stop taking pictures. It is recommended to prepare your lunch because there is a shady seat by the riverside to sit and rest comfortably. Enjoy your meal in the old palace.

Just a ten-minute drive you will reach Jaigarh Fort. It doesn't have to be there for a long time. There are no details to look like elsewhere. But the good thing here is the old, rustic wall where you will get a hip style picture. Recommend arriving at around 4 pm. because there are no shaded areas here and the sun is strong.

Another distinctive feature is the most beautiful pink city viewpoint because it is located on a high hill where visitors can see 360-degree views. On the way back to the city, stop by the road to see the water palace which stands out in the middle of the lake. Here we can't visit inside. Visitors can only take pictures from far away Therefore, spending another 20 minutes is enough.

All that has been told are just some parts of the chic locations in Jaipur. This pink city also has many chic check-in spots. There are many other places such as Panna Meena Ka Kund or the ancient stepped pond, Sri Jagat Siromaji Temple, Galtaji Temple or Monkey Temple. Both temples are beautiful and quirky. There are also markets and shops along both sides of the road to the shop, including beautiful Indian fabrics at good prices, exotic crafts that are inexpensive. After sundown in the cool wind just walk and enjoy the old, chic, rustic style building. Watching a flock of goats cross the road. Walking around and watching people dressed in colorful costumes. Experience unique lifestyles and cultures and you will understand the amazingness of the Pink City in Rajasthan, India.

Beginners go to India who is still afraid of India, please turn to visit Jaipur first. Lots of tourist wonderful attractions. The hotel has a wide selection, can be booked online by credit card. Easy to travel and the cost is cheap and people are friendly and quite safe there.

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