Currency exchange at the privilege rate, so easily anywhere, anytime thorough SCB EASY App
Cash withdrawal at ATMs overseas at the maximum equal to 100,000 baht/day. Spending at the shops or online which accept VISA equally to 500,000 baht/day worldwide
Secured without too much cash while traveling. Cancel the Card by yourself in the case of lost through SCB EASY App
Free for annual fees the whole life

Worthwhile spending worldwide. No 2.5%

Be confident.  It’s worthwhile worldwide without currencies exchange risk at 2.5% for spending by the Card or online shopping.

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Good-rate for current exchange

Currencies exchange at the special rate equal to the leading providers for 13 top currencies from one Card. 

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Cash Withdraw

Foreign currencies withdraw is available at ATMs worldwide with VISA brand.


Travel Insurance for 10 Days

Free for 10 day traveling insurance the privilege for VISA cardholders


Product Details

Qualification and Required Documents

Application qualification

  • 15 years old and over
  • Having saving or current accounts of the Bank
  • Having SCB EASY App

Fees for Card application

  • Entrance fee: 200 baht
  • Annual fee: No
  • For request new card fee : 200 baht
  • For card replacement for the lost one: 200 baht (excluding fee during 1 Jan 20 – 31 Dec, 23)

Required document

  • ID card (one ID card / one card application)

Application guidelines

For clients who never have the Bank’s saving or current accounts

  • Customers shall contact any branch of the Bank to open saving or current accounts.
  • Download SCB EASY App
  • Applying for the PLANET SCB Card

For the customer who already has either the Bank’s saving or current account:

  • Contact the Bank’s branch to apply for the PLANET SCB, or
  • personally, apply for PLANET SCB Card through SCB EASY App

Application Process