5 techniques for transferring like a professional with SCB EASY Application

Transferring money via mobile is convenient and normal for everyone because of its convenience, easy, and no need to find ATM machines or banks. Moreover, it is free! This is great and free, why do not you give it a try! Furthermore, although everyone knows how to use SCB EASY Application from Siam Commercial Bank which is super easy as its name, there are several techniques that may help you be more professional in transferring money. #Take it easy

Basic money transferring by SCB EASY Application

1. Select “Banking services”

2. Select “Transfer”

3. Select the from-and-to account

4. Input the destination account and amount

5. Review and click “Confirm”

6. The system completes the transferring and automatically records the transferring slip on the mobile.



Apart from these basic money transferring steps as we all know, let’s see these 5 techniques that will upgrade you to be an expert.

Technique no. 1: Adjust the transferring limit amount as you wish

The pain point in the past is the limitation of transferring amounts for a large sum but for SCB EASY Application is much better. As you can choose your own limit for each time depending on your need, you do not have to worry about the limit being too high or too low which makes your life more convenient and safer. This can be easily set at the “Manage personal limit” menu as the following condition,

  • Transferring between your Own SCB account at the maximum of 10,000,000 Baht
  • Transferring to another SCB account at the maximum of 5,000,000 Baht
  • Transferring to another bank account at the maximum of 2,000,000 Baht
  • Transferring to Prompt Pay account at the maximum of 2,000,000 Baht

Technique no. 2: Save the favorite for regular transfers.

Surely there are many regular transfers every end of the month whether for dad and mom, wife, kids, apartment rental, Netflix payment, maid, etc. These transactions can be saved as a favorite and no need to remember the account number. It is just a simple click after the transfer which is “Save as favorite” and it will be easier next time.

Technique no. 3: Automatically record transaction slips

Every transfer needs a slip for evidence in case of any problem or conflict happens. Also, it can be evidence for a prosecution. This can be set in the SCB EASY Application as following steps,

How to set up in SCB EASY Application

1. Open the SCB EASY Application and click setting

2 Click turn on or off at the Auto saving slip menu

How to set up on mobile (In case of not automatically slip saving in the mobile system)

1. Go to the Setting menu on the mobile

2. Select application notification

3. Select SCB EASY Application

4. Select Photo and turn on

5. Go back to SCB EASY Application and begin the set up for Auto saving slip

Technique no. 4: Forget to record the slip and want to request a new one

You want a slip from your previous transaction that you turn off the Autosave Slip function which makes you forget to save the slip.

1. Select “Banking services”

2. Select “Transfer”

3. Select the from account

4. Select the “History” menu (On the right)

5. Select which transaction you want a slip and click “Request for transaction slip”

Technique no. 5: Register the Line SCB Connect for every transaction notification

Being a professional of transactions as mentioned above also needs to know every motion of your money, also, knowing a balance is a must. For any SCB EASY Application user, it is super easy that you just apply for Line SCB Connect to notify every real-time movement. This is free, easy, fast, and safe. Let’s try using it.

https://connect.scb/ or add LINE by follow this link https://link.scb/2I40xy1

These are 5 simple techniques that will make you the SCB EASY application professional. You can try downloading and you will know that transferring is super easy. For more detail click - https://www.scb.co.th/th/personal-banking/digital-banking/scb-easy.html - #Take it easy