Transfer money abroad easily at home

Don't let people from afar wait. Being at home can easily transfer money overseas via mobile phone 24 hours a day. Do not need to attach a transfer document ** Free, no fees at all. The new solution of international money transfer service with SCB EASY App. Convenient and easy for people to send. The person receiving the destination receives the money quickly. No need to wait for a long time With Ripple Blockchain technology, creating new experiences and standards for international money transfers is at your fingertips.

Who can transfer and who can receive the transfer?

The transferor must be an individual person who has an SCB savings account and must be a Thai national the transferee must be an individual only.

When will the recipient be paid?

The recipient will receive the money quickly. But the time period differs according to the destination country as follows



The estimated duration of money deposited into the destination account

United kingdom


2 seconds - 2 hours



2 seconds - 2 hours

European countries


4 hours up to 1 day no more than 2 business days



1 day no more than 3 business days


How to transfer money?

1. Login to the SCB EASY App and then select "My transactions"

2. Select the menu "International Funds Transfer"

3. Select the source account to transfer

4. Choose the destination of the beneficiary

5. Enter the amount of money by choosing to enter 2 boxes, either currency or destination currency. The system will calculate the exchange rate automatically. After that, click Continue.

6.  Enter details of the sender's address. And choose to check the information

7. 1Enter bank details and information and recipient addresses. And choose to check the information

8. Check the transfer details and select "Confirm" to complete the transaction.

9. The system shows evidence of sending money transfer requests.

10. You will receive a notification from the bank twice. The 1st time the bank is processing the 2nd transaction. Foreign money transfer is successful.

What information must be prepared before transfer?

The information to be prepared is divided into 2 parts: destination bank information and transferee's information.

1. Bank information must prepare the following information

1. Name of the destination bank

2.Account type

3.Account number

4.Routing Number or SWIFT Code

2 Information of the transferee

1. Name prefix



4.·Reasons for transferring money such as payment for goods and services Helping families, education, travel expenses, etc.

What is the evidence of money transfer?

Every transaction has evidence of e-Slip. Automatic recording on mobile phones. And can share via social media to be used as evidence in making a transaction to the recipient of the destination with a notification service when the money reaches the recipient.