Fulfill your dream with Crab Buffet @ Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit

If you want to try a delicious buffet especially the Alaskan king crab, you do not have to fly to Japan anymore because it is here, ideally located at Atelier Restaurant on the second floor of Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit near Asok Montri Intersection. This is a CRAB CARNIVAL for every crab lover which is available every Sunday to Thursday dinnertime. This includes Alaskan King Crab, Blue crab, Snow crab together with Thai, Chinese, Japanese, European, Indian and many international cuisines. There are also grilled river prawns, sashimi, octopus, King mussels, a variety of pastas and do not miss their famous homemade bakery and desserts!

If you do not want to miss out, we recommend you reserve your seat!

Let’s get started with Alaskan King crab which welcome you at the front to try the taste. These Alaskan crabs are directly sent from Bering Sea, Alaska. So, it tastes may different from Japanese which you should try by yourself. This not only includes crab legs but also fluffy crab meat.

If you are not good at peeling the crab shell, do not worry because they are already cut a half! You just use your fork, pick the meat out and dip with Thai style dipping sauce made from a real fresh lemon. This is what to die for!

Next is the snow crab which is one of the grand themes. It serves as a long crab leg and easily pull out of its shell. You can try as an original fresh and sweet taste or dip with Thai style seafood dipping sauce which is also another great choice! Many people may be confused between snow crab and Alaskan King crab because of their large size. The way to differentiate them are the color of snow crab is lighter and cut pieces not a half. Moreover, Alaskan King crab color is in bright orange-red with a half-cut leg. For Blue crab, they will be cut half body for your convenience serve.

In this section, there are many more seafood! Furthermore, you can create your own dish with Alaskan King crab, Snow crab or Blue crab whether add-on in your own salad, stir-fried with pasta, or serve in Nam-Ya-Poo (Thai style white noodle) or Som Tam or as one of your crepe ingredients. You can make your own dish as you wish.

Another highlight is grilled zone. In this section, there are loads of fresh meat whether river prawn, salmon, a variety of seafood and meats.

You can put anything you want in you dish, attach your table number, give that dish to a chef, wait for a while and here comes your hot plate.

You should enjoy crab buffet especially Nam-Ya-Poo which contains load of crab meat with Thai style noodle together with your choice of side dish. Besides, there is a white noodle and Thai traditional thick crab soup with Cha-Plu leaf serve in blue crab shell.

Meanwhile, for Thai zone special menu is Som Tam with large blue crab.

Likewise, many popular Thai food are ready to serve whether Tod-Man-Poo, Hor-Mok-Poo, variety of Thai spicy salad and dipping sauce, Larb-Moo, Salmon with tamarind sauce, Tom Yam Kung and many more.

Next is international zone including American, Italian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. The example is tomato soup, spinach lasagna, buttermilk chicken, seabass with barbeque sauce, grilled vegetables, Indian cheese and nuts soup, and many more.

For pasta lovers, there are many pasta type and sauce for your selection whether tomato sauce, herbal sauce, carbonara, etc. You can select your own fresh served dish. Moreover, you can add Alaskan King crab, river prawn, or King mussels to your pasta by bringing them, attach your table number and give to the station chef then no need to wait because they will serve your dish at your table right away.

Next is steaming station including prawn, shellfish, crab, grilled fish and grilled river prawn which are inviting you to try by their smell.

Inside is Chinese station, there is food of the day such as Pad-Prik-Gang-Poo, stir-fried pork with sweet and sour sauce, sea bass with black bean sauce, boiling chicken with Chinese herbal soup.

Next to Chinese zone is salad station with tons of salad sauce including variety of cheese and ham to create your own selection. There is a big bowl for you to prepare and mix your own salad. After that, you can put it in your dish and enjoy at your table.

Another zone is Japanese with lots of delicious and fresh sushi and sashimi for sashimi lovers.

Then the carving station which is for meat lover. There are daily menus which are changed for you to try whether roasted pork, grilled lamb leg with garlic, steaming fish with herbs, etc.

After savory dishes, next is desserts which is very popular and famous. There is bread, bakery, variety of cakes and mousses which are baked fresh every day.

Furthermore, chocolate from New Zealand is this place signature. Its large thin flat sheet which need to be smacked into small pieces before eating. It is a perfect combination taste of nuts and chocolate.

There are full of Thai and international desserts including chocolate fondue with seasonal fruit or bread, soy custard in ginger syrup which you can add traditional brown sugar as you wish.

Also, there is a fresh made sweet-savory crepe that you can choose the side whether ice-cream, sweet-savory and many toppings. Another highlight is cold stir-fried ice cream such as mango with chocolate chips and raspberry sherbet.

Come and join with us at Atelier Restaurant! You can make a reservation at 02-204-4071.