Transfer money to wrong account, life has a way out

The most common financial transaction mistakes that are made are "Wrong account transfer”. There are many reasons such as incorrect account number entry. (Enter numbers alternately, incomplete) Or may be caused by entering the wrong account number between the money transfer channel and the money transfer channel via PromptPay.

Or enter the correct account number but chose the wrong bank to transfer. Including rushing to make a transaction until forgetting to check the name of the destination account before pressing transfer. When the wrong account transfer occurs or transfers money in excess of the amount, If we know the owner of the destination account very well Such as being a family member or close friends Then we can contact to request a refund immediately. But if unable to contact or the sender does not know the owner of the destination account Must go through the legal refund process.



For wrong account transfer According to law the bank will not be able to transfer the money back to the wrong payer. If the owner of the destination account does not agree. Because the bank does not have the right to pull money from the account arbitrarily. But the bank will be the intermediary to help coordinate the refund only. By referring to information from the Financial Consumer Protection Center Bank of Thailand (BOT) regarding the wrong transfer of money to the account owner who transferred the wrong money Proceed as follows

The things that the wrong account owner of the money transfer must do

  1. Bring the following documents to the police station.
    • Transaction documents such as transfer slips/transaction sheets Or screenshot of the remittance message
    • Copy of ID card
  2. Notifying the police officer to request to leave The notification is a Garuda document. "Subpoena/documentary evidence" by specifying information in the document as follows
    • Name of the bank that made the transaction Both the origin and destination side.
    • Date and time of the transaction
    • Amount transferred
    • Money transfer channels such as electronic machines (ATM / CDM / VTM), Mobile Banking, Internet Banking
    • Account name/account number Of the transaction person (Source account)
    • Account name/account number Of those who have received the wrong money (Wrong transfer destination)
    • Account name/account number Of those who have received the wrong money (Wrong transfer destination)
  3. Send evidence in accordance with no. 1 and 2, to the bank used for money transfers. In the case that the bank used to transfer money is Siam Commercial Bank Send the document to Email: and specify the subject of the email with "first-last name. The convenient contact number of the sender of the document " After the bank has received the documents, an SMS will be notified. Or can call to inquire and confirm delivery at 02-777-6788
  4. When the bank has received complete information The bank will help coordinate with the wrong money transfer destination / wrong bank receiving the wrong money transfer.
  5. The bank reports operating results
    • In case the transferee agrees to refund: the bank will transfer the refund to the sender's account.
    • In case the transferee does not agree to refund / cannot contact: The transferor can notify the inquiry official. (Police) to issue a legal order for the transferee's bank to proceed with an attachment of an account or to disclose the destination account information to the police for further legal proceedings

However, the best way to prevent money transfers from accounts is the period before clicking transfer confirmation. Must check the account number / PromptPay number, account name, bank name, and amount to be transferred correctly every time. The wrong transfer of money must be resolved. But if being sober and examined carefully before transferring will be the best protection.