What is Bad Hair Day and how bad it is?

The familiar idiom as “Bad Hair Day” is to describe a day when everything is going all wrong. But how many people really know what the connection between hair and a bad day is. Today we got the answer for you!

Because “Hair” and “Bad Luck” begins from the beauty and we all know that hair is so important to women which sometimes it becomes flat, messy before leaving home. This causes them to lack of self-confidence and becomes the Bad Hair Day term which derives from how psycho one feels because everything is going all wrong on a particular day.

We may be familiar with some drama movie scene that many bad things happen at the same time as if it is appointed. This leads us to think about how bad luck someone can face. However, in real life, the only certainty is uncertainty and the overrated scene in the movie may happen to us one day.

Imagine went out on your first date and found everything messes up since waking up whether your clock was dying, and it was almost date time. You had to hurry and get everything done and then, unfortunately, your little toe finger just kicked the bed corner and that was hurt! So, you had no time to look at any mirror and hurry up drove out of your home. You found that you forgot to do the makeup then you reached out for your cosmetic bag while your foot was still on the paddle which made your new car collided with the front. This wasted you both money and time and you definitely going to be late for your first date.  

The fastest and last hope to the destination was by motorcycle but eventually, Bad Hair Day is the Bad Hair Day. The accident happened, the motorcycle was slipped and fell, and all your clothes were wet and dirty. And you were so late, and your date left you a table. As this point, how could you do anything except calling a taxi to go home but your mobile phone battery was also running out and you decided to take a bus instead. It caused you an hour to get home and when you reached your home entrance, it was flooded, and you need to walk through the water. As you can see, it is a shattering day for you.   

This is uncertainty of our daily life example and sometimes we can avoid it but sometimes we have no choice but to accept and face it. However, do not worry if today is your Bad Hair Day because tomorrow will be a good day. Anyway, you should be prepared for every situation and be strong then you will pass every life lesson.

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