4 reasons why parents want their children to study international school

In an age where the world is united through fast travel boundless communication open career opportunities in every corner of the world Resulting in international schools that have foreign curriculum known as There are more and more "Inter-Schools" in our home. Inviting us to delve into 3 reasons why many parents choose Inter-Schools as their children's education plans.


1.  English and 3rd language equivalent to native speakers

With the fact that the international school uses English as the primary language of instruction In which English is considered a central language for accessing all knowledge and science in the world Students at Inter-School have the opportunity to practice using English proficiently in all aspects, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, equivalent to mother tongue. Makes it easy for Inter School students to access and understand information and knowledge Follow the news of the movement in this world without the language barrier. In the case of an international curriculum from a language-speaking country such as Singapore, Switzerland Students will also study intensively in the 3rd language as the host country.

2. Creative and Critical Thinking Mindset

Importance in English, but in fact, there are many things that students will get from an international school that is important to live in the 21st century because of the principles of teaching and learning in the international curriculum. Focus on questioning Analytical thinking Argumentation Including creation The courage to act since young Including the emphasis on a variety of reading All of these are the training to nurture the children's thinking in a logical and creative way.

3.  Cultural Diversity

Many nations and languages ​​come to live and do activities together. And the school encourages the expression of students of all ages Such as day activities International Day with booths Performing arts and culture of students of various countries, etc., is to allow children to learn and understand differences in race, religion, a culture of classmates. Lead to forming a concept that is open to the differences of many people in this world

4. Global Knowledge

Students, therefore, have the opportunity to experience various knowledge. Such as reading part-time books by Roald Dahl, learning the cruelty of Holocaust (the massacre of Jews) from Anne Frank's diary, practicing drawing art from paintings Of Van Gogh Absorb the anti-apartheid concept from Martin's story Luther King Junior Awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities from biographies, Helen Keller, etc. These are the foundations for children to be knowledgeable about and interested in various issues. In the world since young

What are the international school courses in Thailand?

According to the rules for establishing an international school operation * International School Means an institution that provides formal education by using a foreign curriculum or a foreign program that adjusts the details of the new subject or the course is self-made That is not a course of The Ministry of Education and the use of foreign languages ​​as a medium for teaching and learning to students regardless of race, religion, and not against morals and national security.

In Thailand, more than 120 international schools have courses in many countries, including English, American, Australian, Canadian, Singaporean, French, German-Swiss, Chinese, Japanese, etc. International Baccalaureate (IB) and Montessori

However, knowledge of the local culture that is the root of children in each nation is something that cannot be abandoned. On the contrary, parents are more important to instill in their children. For children Able to connect the skills gained from school with the things encountered in daily life Understand the local context around you and be able to communicate and solve problems effectively.

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