Capture 3 new trends to create physical and mental health for senior people

With advanced medical technologies make people live longer and resulting in an overview of many countries today step into the elderly society that we are familiar with as the Aging Society. Which has different lifestyles and needs from young people having facilities for the elderly. Live life happily, both physically and mental health is something that should not be overlooked. Let's look at some interesting new ideas in other countries that may be adapted to take care of the elderly in our country.

Intergeneration Carehome

Elderly home, elderly care center, the nursing home is something that is common in the elderly society. But what makes these places special, to liven up the elderly is the concept "Intergeneration Carehome" Is bringing "nursing home" and "nursery children" in the same area. Which has been in Japan for a long time and is becoming popular in America, England, and Australia.

At the Intergeneration Carehome, the elderly and children in the nursery will be able to do many activities together, such as singing, exercising, music Simple artwork like cutting paper, forming a dough, reading books, etc. Helps to manage the senses in the elderly people will forget about their own physical limitations and fully enjoy the activity. And the cheerfulness of innocent children has changed the atmosphere in a dry, dry nursing home. It's a lively atmosphere full of smiles, laughter, talk. There are many studies showings that social interaction not only reduces feelings of hopelessness, the loneliness that is common in seniors. But also helps to slow down the awareness, lower blood pressure or even reduce the risk of various diseases.

For children, most of them live with their parents as single families. Can experience the elderly, who were kind to them as offspring. And these children have more responsibility, be careful not to play naughty when living with the villagers. And also know the sympathy and concern for their health as well.

Senior-friendly Gym

Regular exercise will help maintain a healthy body and clear mental health. In the case of limited places fitness is another option. But most elderly people are not used to going to the gym and do not dare to try for being uncomfortable with the atmosphere that most people are young teens.
Afraid to make a clumsy shame. To make the members also afraid that it’s not worth the money. Because they won't be able to join the exercise class program that is too hard for the elderly. Because mainly designed for young people.

With these issues in mind, the Singapore government has a project to launch a Senior-friendly Gym in a community center located in 5 government housing communities by 2019. To support the Singapore elderlies can do exercise to maintain good health. This fitness center will be exercise class programs like aerobics, Tai Chi and dance that is designed for the elderly. Trainers who understand the nature of old people. Including exercise equipment that will be able to record and track each person's exercise data via member card.

In which the seniors use the card to scan the device before playing to store exercise data. This technology will help closely monitor the health of everyone.

However, people of all ages can enter the Senior-friendly Gym for a fee of SGD 2.5 per time (about 56 baht). However, for seniors over the age of 55, the price is good as the entry fee is only 1.5 Singapore dollars. (34 baht). And Free to use every Wednesday.

Grand Generation Mall

For Japan, where one-third of the population is over 65 years old, private entrepreneurs like Aeon Retail value this customer group. Give importance to this group of customers by providing the entire 4th-floor area of ​​Aeon Kasai Department Store as a distribution zone for the elderly. In addition to the product, the 4th-floor zone, called GG Mall, stands for Grand Generation Mall, which has facilities that are good for the old people. For example, opening hours are open from 7 o'clock in the morning for most seniors who wake up early to use the service. There is a product sale promotion price at 9 am in order to draw customers into the store. There is a 180-meter exercise track along the product zone for people to walk safely in all weather conditions. And an AED is also installed in an emergency and have a personal fitness service for seniors. There is no treadmill in this fitness center. But will focus on stretching machines to build strength for older people. This service is free of charge. 

There is also a Rehabilitation Center, a venue for performance events. Workshop for the seniors which became a popular meeting place for this group of people. The specialty also includes the supermarket department, where the baskets are 30% lighter than conventional baskets for the elderly to hold. Food that sells here, many would be a low-sodium fat food and the size is suitable for eating alone or two people.

The arrival of the aging society is not too long. Twitching the glands, let us think about the readiness on the day of rest after retirement. Let's prepare the financial future with SCB. Click for more details.



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