Use technology to help look after parents The Filial Piety Way of the Digital Age!

During this period, the term "elderly society" often appears. But don't have to look far just take your eyes back to look at the house. We will find the generation of parents entering the old age or begin to enter retirement age. In line with the forecast that by 2021 the population aged 60 years and over will occupy over 20%

In this age, the elderly do not have to be a burden to the care of the children because of the Silver Age that is still active and ready to live their own life with active style. Let's just have some well-known technology to smartly break down the age limits from the bright brain starters who are beginning to see the market gap with beautiful opportunities. Because retirement people have both free time and money. Can fully spend for health care and traveling as well as meeting the needs of the children using data connection technology in order to follow the life of parents directly.

Start from the application "Health care groups" have applications that remind you to take medication on time, such as Medisafe, Medication Reminder, and Pill Reminder. The application has other facilities, such as connecting the information of both parents. Or grandparents in the offspring machine to help see closely the results

In the application, there is still a task to monitor and process the number of remaining medicines. As well as warning that a new set of drugs will be replaced instead of the lot which is about to run out continuously And able to link medication information Health data that will be linked to other measurement applications such as glucose measurement, pressure measurement and email the results report directly to the treating doctor. Including service to set reminders for advance appointments.

The next group is "Safety Care Group", especially for travel that is a top concern for children. Especially for families that need their grandparents to pick up their grandchildren at school and do special activities or families with parents with Alzheimer's disease Application groups that have GPS tracking are especially important. Such as The AngelSense GPS Tracker developed for parents with autistic children and then developed for tracking the elderly too Therefore when the elderly begin to astray the path information will be shown to children. Followed Including talking without answering Just have tracking tools stored in the parents' pocket or pants.

Currently, there are many importers and GPS tracking tools available for purchase and have many formats. Such as a small device stored in clothes or as a built-in watch. But if not convenient to use these tools, only parents have mobile phones with them at all times. The application can always keep track of each other's phones, such as Find my iPhone in iOS and Find my device in the Android system. All this is done without worry.

For families whose parents are still active Healthy and sound in addition to the peace of mind with the basic care applications that have already been mentioned We can still add happiness to parents without having to sit back and wait for the holidays from our children. The weekend by encouraging the elderly to go out to experience the outdoors with friends or use the old experience to further the society Makes them feel that they can still benefit the generations.

Currently, there is an application that is "An intermediary connecting the aging society" in Thailand together, such as Young Happy, which opens the area for people of the same age to meet and come out to participate in fun activities Attend a course or workshop to solve loneliness Or being a volunteer according to the basic interest groups that each person has. Or choose to take an online course to find new knowledge from home Including reading news and information And listen to podcasts that have been selected directly to the group of young people To make the elderly feel that they can still develop and be self-reliant Regardless of how fast the technology spins

In addition, tour companies have started to develop tour programs that are more targeted to retirees. By focusing on the comfortable tour program There are facilities that respond to the readiness of the body. For example, choose to travel to a location that Convenient for wheelchairs or on foot Select food that is friendly to health Driving speed limit Receive a limited number of tourists for close supervision. And have tools with a tour guide who has knowledge in caring for the elderly in the event of injuries or emergencies Importantly, there are travel programs to choose from both at home and abroad.

After knowing these options Even without full time, parents will be happier. However, do not forget that no innovation is as valuable as "time" and "attention" from the hands of their own children. Because this is something that will truly delight the elderly.