Having an AI, will people lose their jobs?

When a dark disaster is creeping in to destroy humanity. Robots will rule the world. Technology will replace humans, various spectacular scenes in realistic sci-fi movies. When walking out of the movie world, it is discovered that technology has infiltrated our lives. Both in the personal world and the world of work, more and more every day. The news of bringing genius technology that works tirelessly to replace human labor is thrilling humans work in many circles. Whether employees in industrial plants to office workers who used to think the job is stable like accounting or even stock analysis would not seem like an exception.
It is an issue that many people can't help thinking about how technology will affect people's lives and how serious it will be.

One of the spearhead technologies that has been watched because it has been developed to replace humans is inevitable is AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is quite close to working people. Some people may have never thought that our favorite applications or websites that we use on a regular basis are using AI to manage them, such as email which uses AI to filter spam. Currently, Gmail can filter 99.9% of spam emails. Or Facebook that uses Machine Learning (ML) to recognize faces used to tag friends, as well as to offer newsfeed and advertisements that meet the interests of each user. Including Amazon and Netflix that use ML to recommend products that we may be interested in or movies that we just watched. The AI ​​is very close to us and it is expanding more and more everywhere.

In the working world, it is necessary to accept that certain types of work have been replaced or are being replaced by AI, especially for repetitive tasks or using rules or fixed formulas to make. Whether assembling parts in industrial plants, accounting work, calculation work, numerical processing matters relating to various logic etc.

But don't be shocked at Techsauce Global Summit 2019, The rise of artificial Intelligence, the coming Disruption for Jobs, the economy and society by Martin Ford said that the final machine will not be able to completely replace humans as many people fear. But we must try to develop skills to work that technology cannot do. Which is work that requires creativity, putting the analysis results into planning, or even sales, services and of course the IT work that will design and maintain the technology that was imported to use. 

In truth, in the big picture, the economy and society can be continued to need consuming. Businesses that produce products and services want the buying power from "people" because these robots or technology don't have consumption. Society, both the public and private sectors, must also be managed to create a balance and allow humans to have jobs and income in order to create demand for nourishment in the economy.

In addition, experts agree that it will take a long time before any robot can develop to be able to think like a human being. And these robots were not created for multi tasks like a human. And the power of today's computer technology is still far from being able to develop machines as smart and as complex as the human brain.

The digital technology world and the traditional tangible world’ still must walk at the same time. Otherwise, Amazon probably won't invest a lot of organic food, famous supermarkets of America. Airbnb wouldn't build its own property to prepare for sale soon. Or Uber wouldn't start selling secondhand cars in America. In the end, if we don't stop learning and keep ourselves updated with the world, will AI or any technology Coming in will only help make our lives more comfortable.