Modify our home into a guest house. What we must do?

Trend private housing conversion or revive an old house to become a guest house, hostel or boutique hotel Making passive income is still hot and popular among tourists. But how can we do so to succeed in this business? We list interesting questions that entrepreneurs should answer and consider well before stepping into this business. Let's see what they are.

1. Where is the exact ideal location?

The ideal location does not need to be on the main road, very close to the Skytrain, close to major tourist attractions or next to the river or by the sea. Khun Worapun Klampaiboon, the boutique hotel guru, said “Just invest in a bad location” Because not everyone will have the potential to rent at such an expensive location, no matter where they are? what will the accommodation look like? If people can get there, the business opportunity is waiting. Anyone with budget constraints, do not be discouraged to do. At least that area has convenient transportation or public transportation accessible. The rest just bring outstanding in other areas, especially the excellent service.

2.Highlights of the guesthouse, what should be the matter?

Many people think that different decorations will create a highlight and attract guests to choose from. Therefore, devoted a lot of budget in decorating the accommodation to look stylish and beautiful. Choosing a simple but good-looking decoration will result in better results over the long term. Because it doesn't have to waste a lot of money in changing the style of decorating frequently to get into the stream. Pick up nature to decorate the place to create a relaxing atmosphere for true relaxation. Including focusing on providing impressive services and cleanliness. This will help create a good and pleasant stay.

3. Capital, important variables

Another matter that needs to be considered carefully, is the capital. Those who dream of converting houses into accommodations must plan financially well to collect funds and should not only keep money in a savings account. Try to divide the money into a good return fund or look for a loan program that has an attractive condition. If anyone doesn't want to use their own home to convert into rental accommodation, choosing a second-hand house in a good location, like a bank property, transformed into a guest house or a small hotel. Is another good choice and there may be an option that matches our need?

4.Related laws Can't be overlooked!

To convert the house to accommodation, various legal matters are important to learn and starts from the land that the house located. According to the law allowed to be built as a hotel building or not (In case of wanting to make a small hotel), How many rooms are there?
For example, according to the Ministerial Regulations prescribing the type and criteria of hotel business operation BE 2551, if the residence in one building or more has a number of rooms that total not more than 4 and there are no more than 20 people staying in this residence, in this case, it’s not considered a hotel. Building characteristics, if changing from the original, must study the recession various utility systems, including the structure of the building that must support the use of many people.

Convert the residence into accommodation is not easy but nothing is too difficult to reach. If we see business opportunities and study the information to be ready. Especially on the budget, if there are experts, provide advice on managing, will create a lot of peace of mind.