5 hot activities to build skills for children

Childhood is a golden time for learning, and on a busy holiday from school is an opportunity for children to spend their time doing other skills training activities and find your own preferences as well. Invite to explore 5 popular activities of children of this era together.


Swimming has always been a popular activity for children. Because aside from being fun Cool and still a sport that can use all parts of the body. Good for growth In the recent period Swimming activities are not limited to older children. But young children can practice swimming Which is a special course for babies from 4 months up to and is becoming very popular Because swimming in young children helps promote brain development in relation to learning, remembering Training to control the relationships between the brain and various muscles. To work efficiently And the body touching water also stimulates the brain to develop more than normal Emotional and psychological Skin senses make the child feel comfortable, relax, reduce impatience, help the child get a good mood. And most importantly, young children swimming training course Focus on trainees Water Safety Skills that children should be trained to master only the smallest is better to be able to survive from potential water hazards as well.


Nowadays, we can see pictures of children Cook fluently Even though there is a competition for cooking young people on famous television programs Where the little contestants are able to cook many dishes that are delicious and not as good as adults. Cooking skills are another popular activity that parents give their children to practice. Because aside from children will practice Fine Motor Skills, the development of the work of the nerves of small muscles (wrists, hands, fingers) through the process of cooking, such as slicing vegetables, beat eggs, kneading the dough, etc. Children also practice calculating with weighing and ingredients. food Including a meditation practice that focuses on various cooking procedures and most importantly Cooking is a skill that is practically practical in daily life.

Molding diatomaceous earth/ceramic

Using fingers to grasp and mold things Is a child Will develop small muscles and be open to creativity to expand imagination while also developing a system of ideas promoting dimensional relations for the optic nerve and the musculoskeletal system to work together. Children are used to molding clay from time immemorial. Whether clay mold, sand mold Molding clay. The molding activity that is popular at the moment is a light clay sculpture that is lightweight, soft, flexible, not mixed with oil, does not smell. Safe for children, aside from plasticine or diatomaceous earth Ceramic molding is another activity for children. That the molding is good and would like to create the work as a souvenir Ceramic molding workshops are also offered at many locations and are becoming increasingly popular.


Now, the trend of artificial intelligence (A.I.), robotics is in the interest of people who see it as the technology of the 21st century, making activities related to robotics. Also known as Robotic, it's an activity that parents want children to try, so there are many robot activity courses. Such as courses from Finland, South Korea, etc. Children will learn programming commands, coding theory, robotics principles. The use of sensors, etc. These skills will help develop logical thinking processes, step-by-step planning skills Solving immediate problems That is an essential skill in living when they grow into adults in the future


It is accepted from time immemorial that Music is one of the activities that help children to develop very well. Both the brain, body, and emotions, whether Western musical instruments such as piano, violin, drums, etc., or Thai musical instruments such as dulcimer, xylophone, fiddle, etc. Because playing music stimulates the work of the optic nerve and brain that reads the notes to coordinate with the body, arms, fingers. The hand that plays the instrument While music helps children relax by releasing substances that can stimulate the brain to function fully. And lifts the mood for the child to feel calm can reduce irritability, and music is also used to develop social skills for children Participate in various activities with others such as singing, movement, rhythm with music with friends. Or among relatives, the practice of playing music at a young age is, therefore, a good way to use your free time. At the same time, it can improve skills in various fields as well.    

Organizing activities to strengthen the skills for children Must have a good time plan to not make the schedule of the children too tight. Just like the money in the parents' wallet Because of the cost of taking various courses These must have about one power. Especially if it is an activity that takes time to master skills Expense management is something that must be carefully considered. But if it's really tight Speedy Loan Personal Loan Service Easy to apply with no collateral or personal guarantee. The maximum installment period of 72 months is another option to help ease the situation for us. To see more, click here.