Survive and live happily with AI in a world that changes day by day

In a world full of change, technology is a part of people's lives. We can hardly even guess what the future will be like. Do not say, but in the next 10-20 years, just imagine how the world will be next year Does anyone remember.

DR. Kiatanan Launkaew, Faculty of Economics Thammasat University Talk about the changing world. Tells us how we can handle the family level to the government.

'Change' started off to eliminate the term 'occupation'.

'Discard career by keywords that Dr. Kiatanan emphasizes on the modern world that requires 'skill' to earn a living.

"When talking about careers, now for the next 30 years, we will not talk about careers for life. Because careers will change every 5 or 8 years. Therefore, people who are working or new graduates facing the same problem is the world is changing. Occupations will change continuously, we also must change ourselves accordingly.

This is the age to leave the word occupation. This is the age in which we use our skills to earn a living. In the past, we said that the person who heals must be a doctor. The drawing learner must be a painter. But now, healing skills may not need to be a doctor. It can be a health consultant or can produce healthy food or stay fit and take care of the sick. Therefore, if we take skills as a set, we will see more opportunities. "

Don't panic. We have what AI doesn't and can't do.

At this point, many people may start to feel fuzzy about whether I will survive. Don't panic because we have what technology and AI don't have.

"The teacher/instructor will definitely be replaced. But was not replaced all.
If he was a teacher who only opened slides, the students can just learn on YouTube. This one is being replaced. But imagine that while sitting in front of YouTube and learning to draw with Ajarn Chalermchai, he would choose something that was unable to convey the spirit of these things. Humans seek more than just a machine of cause and effect. We were born for something. Therefore, it is also an age of opportunity, as it has technology that gives us more potential. How far will we push ourselves? "

Prepare every step and confidence in every step

We will survive and continue in the future world, must prepare from school, children, business sector to the state level.

Parents: Prepare children to the technology world Basic knowledge must be firm.

Misunderstanding is to prepare children in the technology world, meaning that make kids get used to technology from a young age, it's not right. The more complex the technology the more basic knowledge is to be prepared. He will know when to put the tablet down and walk into the real world.

Some parents do not know what to do with children and lazy to tell stories. Then just hand over to the child. Children will not have restraint. But parents who prepare their children first and then release into technology He will not be swallowed by it. He will not be a person with ADHD.
He will know whether to choose or not to use anything. He will know when to put the tablet and enter the real world. Parents must teach them that technology is not a substitute for parents. But came to enslave us and don't let it dominate.

But there is another group of children who are not very addicted to games He uses the tablet to work. Homework, which in the past, had to wait for a phone call. Now they use live talk, draw on their own board for friends to see at the same time and help each other solve problems together without meeting each other. Bring knowledge from everywhere to share. This is the same technology used for games. It depends on how the parent prepares the child and how well the child was prepared.

Educational institution: Use technology to strengthen the power

It must build on how technology can enhance the development and potential of children. Not to think for us so that our brain will scare and will affect all development.

Another thing is if we meet someone who gives technology to think instead. Don't forget that the technology is easy to copy. The first AI can be created then the second can be created immediately by copying the program. Then two people use the same AI. Which one is better? It depends on who thinks better.

AI is like a magnifying glass that magnifies our power but if we do not know how to expand our own energy, then we cannot use anything.

The world of work: Don't be afraid, technology will be friendly to us.

Must start by thinking that technology is our friend, don't be afraid. Think about what we can use it to do. The way we approach technology is what will shape our future. Neutral technology, AI isn't good or bad. But the way we approach it can make it friendly or hostile.

Who said that being a salesman in the superstore is being replaced by technology? This trend has arrived since there is no more AI. Because of foreign countries, they have always reduced people. This is how we hate technology because it replaced us. But why not see If we use this technology as well. Open a small grocery store and no need to have a lot of costs can be a good idea.

The technology that actually replaces us, it can create jobs for us. If we do it well enough.

Business model: using AI to enhance the potential will be even greater

Strategic planning of the use of technology to enhance the company's potential. If looking at technology in terms of cost reduction, we will kick people out. But if using technology to enhance the potential of people to adjust the perspective of how to enable people to use technology in each department to be flexible. How do we design a new organization so that people are the core? Then technology came in to make these people better.

For example, Amazon said that in the future there will be an automated grocery store and People will order online. But it still must use people. Because finally, the human dimension is also important. AI doesn't have feelings. Therefore, decisions on rational 100% are more likely to be wrong than rational plus instinct. Do not forget that business must be done with people. Because if only robots and robots it doesn't need money. Businesses do make money. Therefore, the business must deal with people.

Government: Beat 'breaking technology'. The national strategy will be even clearer.

The government is responsible for evaluating the big picture. If we have a clear national strategy that needs technology to empower, Thai people make every Thai person have a better job. If the problem is like this, the strategy of thinking will become clearer.

Change is beauty

"Do not view it as a risk because it will cause negative feelings. Should consider it a change and every change have its beauty and opportunity.

The next world will be a separate world more clearly than before. Because each change it tests people. The test of change will test whether one passes or fails. In the past 25 years, 30 years, one crisis occurred every 25 or 30 years, for example, the year 2000, Tom Yam Kung occurred and another 10 years later the hamburger crisis occurred. But after this, the test will come frequently. We may even find the test monthly, year after year. "