The era that mother must save and making toys for her child

Mothers of this era can't deny that Saving with the matter of children is difficult.
We aimed at the children's toys. Because this is the leak source of money for the family. We know that most children's toys are expensive. Children of different ages play with different toys. Playing for a short while is boring and as a child, It is natural to throw a spill and become damaged. Cannot play anymore the invention of toys for children is a very interesting thing.

Don’t Just think "I'm not skilled, I don't like inventing, or I don't have an idea. Must understand this first Although the invention we created is not like a ready-made toy but also makes children equally fun and stimulates their imagination. Let's start with the goal of this invention: 'We create to save.' Therefore, finding materials must not come out of this concept.

The goods that are used in the production are divided into two groups. The first group is working equipment such as pencils, a ruler, glue, scissors, tape, rope, color. But invest only once or for a long time. Do not use connecting devices such as wire staples or things that may be harmful to the child.


Products in the second group are waste materials such as plastic bottles, paper bags, boxes of parcels ordered. Tissue paper Old, unused clothes and other things that can be found in our home.


Next, let's see what kind of toys are suitable for children from ages 0-6.

Ages 0-6 months. Infants of this age need to strengthen intelligence through sight, listening to toys that stimulate the senses of vision can be colorful. Look and see the movement. We may use colored paper, folding birds, or folding rockets, or using a drawing and coloring method to make mobile decorations to decorate the children's bedroom. If stimulating listening to the sound of a mother, make a percussion instrument by using gravel of various sizes. Don't need too much Put it into a plastic water bottle, close the lid and shake And Listen. Try to make many bottles using gravel of different sizes and quantities. Will get a vibrator with a different sound Advise the mother to shake the child to listen to the various rhythmic playing and even if the mother is playing but should close the tape tightly, do not let the lid come off

Between the ages of 7-12 months, children of this age will learn more from touching. When the baby's hand grabs the object, He will recognize the texture, softness, hardness, flexibility, as well as the feeling of a bite. Donuts, cloths, or cloth dolls shouldn't be too difficult. Just must choose a fabric that is not rough, not flaky, no irritating fibers. Try cutting the fabric from a boring T-shirt and cut it into a donut shape, a doll, a cat, a flower, or a simple geometric shape. Then stuffed a piece of cloth into the pillow Stitching, keeping the joints well. We will have small pillows for children to grab, play, mow, play. Oh ... Don't forget to wash and clean before using features for safety.

During the age of 1 year, children of this age will begin to grasp, push, use more hand muscles.

If it is a general toy, we tend to think of connecting large blocks. We try to make toys like this from tissue boxes and cardboard boxes. Bring a box that is not higher than the tissue core to be the base and draw a circle according to the size of the tissue core on the floor of the box. Try to let the child arrange the tissue down to fit the box. It sounded like a simple grab. But often found that the child likes to throw around Rather than putting down blocks, so playing with the child during this age is hidden by the practice of listening to the children Train to follow the example the parents also practice communicating and admiring their children.

Age between 2-3 years of age, both walking and running Try making different kinds of tug dolls for them. By using water bottles as a framework and use the lid as a wheel If the wheel can spin Then use the chopsticks as the core Drill a hole to put the bottle into the wheel. And tied the rope for towing. If not made into a car Just bring the bottles together to be a vehicle or animals Another fun way Made out like never mind Regarded as leaving space for the imagination of children to continue working by themselves.

Between 4-6 years old, children of this age are aware of various things Around a lot. They like to imitate or play the role. We may have to make a large, semi-large toy more realistic for them. Like using a large box to make a TV penetrate the screen, let them bring a small doll to walk on the screen like the cartoon they watch. Or use a crate box to make small cookware set as a stove and a pot for them to play the role of a little cook. Or will satisfy the desire to write by using large paper crates Set as board Then attach a large proof paper (White paper for wrapping items) for children to draw and play.

Read up to here will find that We do not provide images of toys from specific inventions. It is possible that many mothers used the same suggestions and then created them differently. That's what we want the raw materials and the creativity of each of you will create toys that are more unique and adaptable than expected. Mothers are proud of the work and may feel a bit sad. If it will be crushed by a little giant one day but we believe that all mothers will be able to create new magnificent toys

The intention of this presentation in addition to helping to save, Invention gives value in many other matters. As a means of conveying love from the intention to do for children. On the day that the child starts to grow up and can participate We use it as an activity to do with children. And not that we will stop buying toys for children. We can teach about the value of the acquisition. You must know and save and wait patiently. Not wanting and then cry to get it anymore. When he has bought a new toy on an appropriate occasion, He will know the preservation, Appreciate the value of each item. And vice versa The toys that the mother makes may be more memorable than any of the items they had.

You got the motivation, right? ... Looking around Use imagination to the things in front of you and then start to create.

By  T. Akrararat