7 spots in the house where parents have small children must be careful

Infants aged 1-5 years are the age that development began to change from crawling. Waddle Until the start of the climb Combined with curiosity about various things around. Causing the parents to have to pay special attention not to be missed, even if they are at home. Because in the house itself, there is a danger to innocent children that if they are not careful, it can be fatal. Let's see what point in the house that parents should be careful and prevent harm to the baby.


Outlet hole

Outlet hole Is one of the top precautions in the house, including wall plug sockets, extension sockets, as well as plugs, electrical equipment that are being used. In which most electrical outlets are located just above the floor, at a young level Therefore it is a very dangerous point. Therefore, need to find a "plug cover" closed to prevent children to put their hands or pointed objects into the hole. And even if the modern house will lift the electrical outlet higher than before but do not be careless because children may climb up to poke the socket hole anyway. In addition to the socket-outlet, It is important to keep an electrical device safe for use. If the electrical appliance is damaged, such as plastic-sheathed wires or do not install a ground wire causing leakage current, which can also cause an electric shock.

Stair / Step-up

Stairs are another important point to watch out for in the house. Especially for children aged 1-2 years who have started to walk but are still not hard, feel very challenging when walking up and down the stairs. Aside from being careful not to let children walk up and down the stairs alone parental aid equipment at this point is "Stairway gate" Barrier at the way up or down the stairs. Prevent the ball from falling from the ladder and don't forget to put the verse every time And at the edge of the stairs, attach anti-slip rubber and cover the sharp edges of the stairs as well.

Cabinets / Shelves

Heavy cabinets, cupboards, shelves, closets, and bookcases are places to be careful of children from climbing. Because it may cause the cabinet to fall over, the child is injured to live the cabinet should be installed to be fastened to the wall. Including wall shelves should not be placed too heavy. Prevents falling into the child or the shelf cannot support the weight of the child.

Water tank/pond

Even the water tank seems unlikely to be dangerous but there are more dangers than thought. As was the tragic news that a young child had an accident, slipped and dipped his head in a bucket of water. To prevent misfortune Must close the water tank every time. Whether it is a small water tank, large bowl, toilet bowl, drainpipe, or if it is a water basin Fish pond the pool should be built with a fence or gate and do not leave the child near the water source alone.

Automatic sliding door

Automatic gates are devices that help make our lives more comfortable. Just press the remote to open the door and close without having to get out of the car to open the door to be complicated. But in comfort, there is a hidden danger. When pressing the remote control to close the door, make sure that there are no children around. If accidentally forgotten to watch and press button to close, then the door is pinched, the child will be shocked to not be able to fix anything. The best way is to use a sliding door with sensors to help detect obstacles. It is another step of safety helper.

Kitchen utensils

For young children, the kitchen is the most cautious place in the house. Because there are all dangerous things around Whether it's a sharp knife Glass, plates, bowls, stoves, rice cookers, toasters, kettles, gas tanks, including boiling food That is being cooked on the stove Should close the kitchen door tightly Do not let the young children go alone.

Outdoor shoe racks

Many people are confused about how the shoe racks outside of the house are dangerous. The rack is not much. But being outside of the house makes you vulnerable to reptiles, snakes, fangs, necks, fleeing rain in the shoes. Especially those shoes, sneakers, student shoes That if you put it on and don't keep looking, it can be attacked Even if it is poisonous snakes, it is quite deadly. Therefore, before wearing children, always wear shoes. Must hold the shoes upside down, knock on the floor to make sure there are no foreign objects hidden.


Caring for young children must be careful every step. The accident is something that no one wants it to happen, but regardless of how careful, the opportunity may be missed. Health insurance that covers medical expenses of all ages Both accidents and health Whether it is illness Or all accidents can be big or small Including life protection, will be a financial aid when unforeseen events Made in case of needing it when needed For more information, click here