Check-in, photo spots, shopping, the newest chic in Hong Kong

"Hong Kong" remains popular as a popular check-in point for Thai tourists. Because there is a place you can do both eating and shopping. But many times, people recommended buying brand name products or famous brands that other countries have. While also having to wait in line to eat the hottest restaurants that everyone has been eating before.

We, therefore, invite you to come and shake up your Hong Kong travel plans. Make this trip unlike any other by wearing the role of a detective. Looking for a chic photo corner and post it on social media until friends have to say Wow! and want to follow. Including local brand name stores that Hong Kong people use, as well as searching for tasty items, guaranteed prizes that few people will know. So, traveling to Hong Kong is not a monotonous thing anymore.


Beginning with finding, collecting images in a cool locations. Apart from the public corner at the viewpoint "Victoria Peak", also known as "The Peak", to soak up the sea, the tall buildings below, bathed in the lights at night. There is also a residential building "Montane Mansion" or "Yick Fat Building", packed with thousands of rooms under the height of almost 20 floors, including "Choi Hung Estate", the bright rainbow colors attract young people.

But arrived in Hong Kong at all We encourage you to try a new costume, invite your lover, family or friends to dress in vintage, contemporary style clothing. And use your smartphone or film camera as you wish to Arrange the image to drive the atmosphere to the old-fashioned atmosphere as if it were lost in an 80-90s Hong Kong movie.

No matter which corner of Hong Kong, including the standalone cinema market Walkway wall Street cafes or restaurants, Are all coated with an old aura Combined with total loneliness. If you don't know where to start pinning it to the Old Town Central area. That's the easiest. Or "The Blue House “that has been preserved as an ancient building in Wan Chai District.

Get enough of taking photos, continue shopping in the hit area "Tsim Sha Tsui" Aside from being the main road lined with world-class brand-name stores to choose from there is also a local brand "Daydream Nation". Chic fashion clothes shop Hong Kong designer a handful of award-winning guarantees. Distinctive in clothing design Jewelry to be able to mix and match Create your own style in daily life. The location is on the 1st floor of the famous K11 mall. Try to design a new look for yourself. Easy to travel by MRT to get off at Tsim Sha Tsui Station.

For anyone wanting to shop for a bikini, go back to cool down in Thailand. Try to open to the "Mer Culture" brand. The selling point of this brand is that it can match every piece of swimwear. To suit your own shape or style. In addition, another feature of the Mer Culture swimsuit is the knit collection. Make it strong and durable and chic like no other. Check out the shop near the Soho, Central area.

Nearby, I would like to invite to visit "Linda Tailor", the original authentic cheongsam dress or Hong Kong-style cheongsam. This legendary shop has been in existence for over 40 years with hand-made crafts by the couple, Mr. Tailors and Mrs.Leung. Meticulous in every step. Each order takes more than 2 months to complete. But if you want to shop as a souvenir from Hong Kong Don't lose hope because there are ready to be pieces here to buy and take home as well.

Got shopping ideas that are not the same as the old trips. Diet must not be inferior. Because the restaurant list of this trip has won the delicious guarantee from the Michelin Guide Hong Kong in Street Food (Street Food) category.

Start with Hong Kong's local food, Doggie’s Noodle, at "Block 18 Doggie’s Noodle" in Jordan. There are large noodles like udon but short as ramie. The menu has a wide variety of meats and soups to try. Priced at around 30 Hong Kong dollars per bowl. The highlight is the noodles with shrimp, mushrooms, dried radishes, and fried pork belly. Aside from being delicious, it is also very convenient as it is open 24 hours a day when traveling and shopping until tired. Can come back and recharge every hour

From food to dessert. "Kai Kai" is also in the Jordan area. The famous menu is Bualoy balls in ginger juice. Gives the right sweet flavor but still the spiciness. Eaten with Bualoy flour, soft, filling, not too sweet. It is a small dessert with all the flavors. Another great and must-try menu is boiled papaya with sugar. Sweets with simple ingredients but perfectly delicious. All menus, starting at 17 Hong Kong dollars.

Close the trip after full but forgetting the concept of buying souvenirs. Traditional Chinese desserts are one of the interesting answers. Such as filling snacks, crackers and Chinese style cookies. "Kee Tsui" is one of the best pastry shops in the heart of Hong Kong people. Observe from the store's guaranteed prize and the pictures of Hong Kong people waiting in line to buy the food are guaranteed delicious. For good things that don't miss here, is a snack filled with red beans and fish-shaped cookies. Priced at 5-10 Hong Kong dollars per piece. Located in Mong Kok area, get off at Exit B3, so you can buy for everyone.

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