Eating and staying at Farm stay in every season: Experience an authentic farm life in Japan

Forget about Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Shinsaibashi was crowded by people in Tokyo, Osaka and another big city in Japan because the new trend of travel which is “Farm stay” is coming for every green tourist. Feeling the nature and experience an authentic farmer in Japan is the new traveling style which you can try by staying at the Farm stay. Imagine yourself as waking up and surrounding by the green nature, eating food which is made from fresh vegetables that you grow and pick up by yourself such as sweet potato, carrot. This is truly the mind recovery. You can travel in every season and feel a different feeling. We suggest these Farms stay based on the season.

1. Spring (March - May)

1.1  Zago no yado and kagono

Experience authentic farm life at “Zago no yado and kagono” in Niigata. The best rice farming city of Japan where can grow rice all year (except winter). Moreover, you can try making a noodle here and learning authentic Japanese agriculture. This place is very peaceful and surrounded by nature.

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1.2  Farmer's house Nyan Berwan

The cute Farmstay house in Kagoshima on Kyushu island welcomes all tourist with a variety of activities such as picking up big-and-juicy strawberry which is a popular fruit for Spring, and making a homemade strawberry jam, and learning how to make a good-luck cat and dog wooden sign. This is because the owner loves animals and there are “Yuki”, the cat and “Mu”, the dog as the welcome receptionists. It is a cat lover must!

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1.3  Fish Farm - Fishing, cooking workshops, tourism

Japan is well-known for fresh seafood. For anyone who wants to try fishing and find fresh seafood, you should go to this Fish Farm. The owners are a husband and wife fishermen who live in Kuji, Iwate Prefecture. They are an expert in deep sea fishing for more than 20 years. In every April – June, every year, they will plan for squid and urchin (Uni) catching and then the fish market tour. This is the best chance to eat fresh seafood from Japanese ocean!

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2. Summer (June - August)

2.1  Airport Pick Up-Tokushima

The small farm stays surrounded by the beautiful mountains in Mima, Tokushima Prefecture has an all-year planting and harvesting activity especially eggplant, Sudachi (Japanese lemon) and capsicum in summer. Besides from feeling the nature you can try an authentic Japanese lifestyle such as sleeping on Tatami mat, eating the delicious Japanese homemade meal from Nakajima-san, the owner of this farm. This is one of the most impressive moments for every visitor.

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2.2  Welcome Home, Close to Lake!

One of the warmest welcome accommodation near the Tazawako lake in Semboku, Akita Prefecture. This place remains an authentic Japanese culture such as paper sliding doors, Tatami mat, antique wooden bathroom, Irori grill, and many special activities. You can enjoy fishing and grilling. Also, making-pizza-by-stove activity and try their food, the Nagashi-somen which is the somen that you need to catch using chopsticks as it flows past you in small packets on a water slide made of bamboo. These are only in summer!

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3. Autumn (September - November)

3.1 Mirai Noen

This farm stay is owned by Takanagi family who is the farmer family for more than 100 years and many generations. This is an orange and Japanese apricot farm which are the famous fruits of Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture and can be harvested only in autumn, from October to the beginning of December. It takes only 2 hours from Osaka. You will be surprised from the view of the mountains that covered by a variety of oranges types whether Mandarin, Satsuma, and Tangerine. Also, you will enjoy picking up the fresh orange from the real farm!

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3.2  Komaki No Ie

Aomori Prefecture is famous for the most delicious apple in Japan. So do not miss going to Komaki No le, the 5-star farm stay of Sannohe, Aomori Prefecture. It is owned by the husband and wife od Ooyama family. This farm stay located at the bottom of Nakuidake mountain and near the hot spring. There are many activities whether picking up apple and chestnut, preparing the firewood for the bath. You can enjoy Onsen and watching stars at the same time. Moreover, there is the making-pizza-by-stove activity which starts from making the dough and creating your own pizza top from the local fresh vegetables, making popcorn from your picking-up corns and making a variety of jams. Also, there is “Shiokaze trail” for anyone who loves trekking. This is another good experience for staying at Komaki No le.

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3.3.  Farm house Higashi Shima house

The 100-year old farm stay house in Nagano is the real Japanese accommodation for your best experience. The most famous activity is collecting a variety of mushrooms such as Shitake mushroom. Seasoning them with salt and put in the oven for your delicious dinner. Also, cooking rice from the bamboo joint with organic and fresh vegetables from the farm is another delicious meal that you should try!

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4. Winter (December - February)

4.1  House of farmers' red nightclub

Even in winter, Okinawa, the South Island of Japan, weather is still warm. This farm stay is located beside the river and surrounded by the mountains and fruit farms in Nago city. You can experience the Okinawa nature such as picking up Shikuwasa orange which is the local Okinawa orange and do the herbal workshop.

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