Four steps to turn debt crisis into millionaire opportunity

Everywhere we turn, people keep talking about “investment”. Of course, it sounds interesting and is something we want to stay updated. However, many people would turn away from this topic because they are still struggling with the debt they have. How can they possibly find money for investment?


Well, everything is possible if you understand. Do not give up the dream to become a millionaire simply because you are “in debt”. There are ways to “get out of debt” without suffering the “painful cutback”. Plus, you have a chance to build assets and save money for investment. You need to follow these simple steps:

  1.  Stop creating more debts. The more debts you create, the more installment you will make. Then, you cannot break away from the vicious cycle. Most importantly, you need to make an income and expenditure account to cut the unnecessary expense. This will certainly help you pay off the debt faster.
  2. Classify the debt whether it is in informal sector, credit card debt, cash card debt, or others to make you see the clear picture and better plan the repayment.  
  3. Combine the debts. This step is very interesting because we will manage the existing debts by “transferring the debts” from many sources and combine them at one bank, which may offer lower interest rate. This will help you pay less monthly installment, have more surplus a month, and manage the debt more easily. 
  4. Invest for yourself. After you paid off the debt, now it is time to pay for yourself instead of someone else. Then, you will convert the debt into savings, which will multiply into millions. However, only savings are not enough these days because the inflation will depreciate the value of money. So, starting the investment such as in different “funds” is a good solution. Some funds not only yield high return, but also offers tax incentive.  

This is just the initial step. If having more savings and studying about the investment, you will have a chance to earn higher return and easily become “a millionaire”. We can guarantee that it is not just your “imagination”.