Life is fabulous when you smartly use the credit card

You can easily have a wonderful life. All you need to do is managing all financial aspects such as savings and investment. Cash management is another crucial factor. If doing it well, you will certainly live a comfortable life. However, good cash flow management may rely on an important tool like “credit card” . With the proper use, you will certainly be debt-free and enjoy only the benefits. Now, you must be wondering how to manage cash and use credit card for a wonderful life, right? Stick with us. 


Choose and use the right credit card that fits your preference. We believe that everyone has one’s own lifestyle and different needs. Some are hipsters while others want a slow life. So, the daily spending must fit each lifestyle. These people need to select the right credit card. Those who love travelling in style choose the credit card that offers hotel and airline privileges. Beauty lovers prefer the card that offers joint promotion with beauty institutes. Food lovers who always seek new places to eat select the card that gives a discount on restaurants. Those who shop for grocery every month end go for the card that offers double points or cash back promotion, which gives a discount on the next payment cycle. Simply select the credit card that fits your lifestyle or choose the right promotion from your credit card and you will enjoy great benefits from your spending. 

Use credit card for financial management purpose because credit cards have a lot of pros such as shopping online, buying air tickets, spending it in case of emergency hospitalization, buying expensive things without carrying cash, or enjoying 0% interest rate on installment. Moreover, you may get the redemption points or cash back depending on the type of promotion your credit card offers. If you regularly use the credit card instead of cash, the slip or statement will show you how much and on what you spend each month and if they are essential or spontaneous shopping. This will make you see which expense you should cut to gain savings next time.

Pay on time and spend less than you earn. Credit card is unlike ATM or debit card. After swiping the card, you will receive goods or services right away while the money in your bank account is still intact. Then, you repay the issuing bank for those goods or services when the due date arrives. So, please always remember not to overspend. This will make sure that you can easily pay off the debt on the due date, without being worried about the debt burden caused by your spontaneous shopping. More importantly, you should pay at full amount and on time. As simple as that, credit card will be a win-win spending channel. Moreover, you will have a better chance when applying for loan at the bank because you have a good credit.