Taiwan … I Love You

Another country that is popular among Thai people apart from Japan and Korea is Taiwan. For anyone who has never been to Taiwan may wonder why many people want to go but most people who had been there wants to go back again. What is the attraction of country with sweet-potato-shape to many Thais and foreign tourists?

Efficient transportation

Before deciding where to travel next, most tourists will think of the convenience of getting around and safety. These all are in Taiwan. There is modern, fast and safe transportation whether the metro subway which cover the city area. Also, there are modern, clean, and on-time public bus around the inner and outer city, taxi, rental bike service known as YouBike at every subway station, attraction and park. For a large city such as Kaohsiung, there also has a subway service, and English sign for foreign tourist understanding. This is why they fall love with this country.

Tasty foods

There are variety of Chinese foods in Taiwan for your tryout whether from Sichuan, Hunan, Guangzhou, etc. Visiting Taiwan is like going to the delicious Chinese buffet for Thai people who are already familiar with Chinese food. There are lots of delightful cuisine that you should try whether noodle with beef, noodle with oyster, Lǔròufàn (Taiwanese braised pork rice), oyster pancake, and Taiwanese style congee. Also, there are variety of service levels depends on your choice from night street food to luxury restaurant. Moreover, many Thai favorite menus are available whether Shabu, Mala hotpot, Xiao Long Bao, Ar Chong noodle, Bitter gourd juice and famous milk tea with pearl.


Unstoppable shopping

If you are a sneaker lover, you will see that they are a lot cheaper than Thailand and tourist can get vat refund which make it much cheaper. For girls who love makeup, Taiwanese cosmetics are good and comes with cheap price whether mist spray, a variety of masks, big-eyes and sweet-eyes contact lens, and false eyelashes. Also, many imported cosmetics from Korea and Japan which are as cheap as their original. Furthermore, there are lots of food souvenir such as pineapple pie, Moji, crispy pork sheet, crispy pork, black peanut, etc. We can say that this is a convenient shopping for tourist and additional benefit for spending money abroad with accumulate credit card reward and get a cashback. This is awesome!

Everything is right at hand… in Taiwan

Although Taiwan is a small island but full of nature for a nature lover and a trail explorer whether cave, waterfall, spring, river and many charming viewpoints in the valley or in the forest or by the beach. Meanwhile there are more than 10 art museums with frequently exhibit and many historical places for artist and history lover. For shopping and food lover, there are more than 10-night markets, street foods in a competitive price and walking streets for shopping, tasting and chilling. This is the paradise for every type of tourist.

Many photography spots

Because Taiwanese government support artist, thus almost every avenue and alley have many great photo spots. Moreover, in Taipei there is a modern and contemporary art from both local and international artist exhibit in art gallery, building and public place. Also, art is all over Taiwan cities even at road junction or subway. This made Taiwan one the best background spot for any photo-taking lover. This is one of the reasons why Thai people loves to go to Taiwan.

One card to go around the city

Besides their charming, it is convenient for tourist to buy anything via Easy Card which can pay at every public transportation, purchase Maokong Gondola ticket and things in convenient store, rent YouBike bicycle, etc. Just only Easy Card, one credit card with great privilege and a small cash, and you can travel all around Taiwan!

Disciplined and Friendly character

Taiwanese people are likely to be orderly and disciplined which can be seen at the subway. They queue up and no barging in. Also, they are humble, friendly and usually welcome tourists. For example, in the restaurant, foreigner will be taken care of with a good service especially elderly. If you look like a confused person on the street, Taiwanese will walk right away to help you. Although, they are not good at communication, but they are so ready to help. This is another reason to fell in love with Taiwan.


Great public toilet

One of the most annoying things for tourist especially lady is toilet but not in Taiwan. Because there is a good and clean toilet almost as in Japan. In MRT/TRA subway, and the attractive destinations, there are many toilets ready to use whether a modern style (sitting and flushing toilet), an original toilet (squatting toilet), handicap toilet, and baby diaper changing room. Most toilets are clean and prepared the paper which make you feel no worry at all.

Similar living expenses as in Thailand

Another good thing is TWD (Taiwan Dollar) is approximately as same as THB (Thai Baht) and almost no need to convert. So, spending in Taiwan is very easy and convenient for Thai people!

These are the reasons why people are falling in love with “Taiwan”. No wonder why many people have gone there for the past few years which are because of its sweet and charming character. We do not know what other may say but we would love to say “Taiwan, One More Time” and it could not be a mistake at all.