Tokyo Olympics 2020, prepare trip early - you will not regret

The countdown for the 2020 Olympics has entered the home stretch. The 32nd Olympics, known as "Tokyo 2020", the name is already said to be held in Tokyo, Japan which will be held between 24 July - 9 August 2020. It will be the biggest Olympics ever held with 33 sporting categories and 339 entries. Main Stadium in Tokyo, which has a capacity of up to 68,000 visitors and 42 other venues in the country and more than two hundred thousand Japanese people apply to become volunteers to provide support and convenience to visitors to Tokyo during the game.

Japan prepares for perfection in all aspects. As well as incorporating the outstanding culture and promoting tourism in this event. Tokyo's Miraitowa mascot 2020, the cute Japanese robot style starts to greet the audience. The main stadium in central Tokyo is scheduled to be completed by November 2019, with a construction budget of $ 1.26 billion. In addition to the main stadium in Tokyo, there are other sports fields spread throughout the country as far as Hokkaido. The highlight stadium outside Tokyo is Miyagi Prefecture. The city that was hit by a tsunami struck in 2011, where the host wanted to demonstrate the ability to rapidly recover and the strength of Miyagi people. The grass that will be used on the football field at Miyaki Stadium will be planted by villagers who had lost all their land in farming, with a giant wave that swept the entire ground into the sea.

Because the competition is held in July, which is the hottest month in Japan. The host has been prepared for this matter seriously. The main stadium is designed to allow air flow from outside. And a fan is installed to reduce heat for visitors. For sports that require external competition such as marathon, has modified the road to be used in the competition as a material that does not absorb heat. and growing trees to provide shade for both athletes and viewers. As well as installation of a water mist release system at the footpath to relieve heat. And asked for cooperation from the shops in Tokyo that have air conditioners as temporary accommodation for visitors and tourists who may be sick from the heat.

In terms of public relations and tourism promotion, NHK WORLD made the Tokyo Eye 2020 program to promote Olympics 2020 and Tokyo tourism. By telling the story of Tokyo in terms of history from the Edo period, introduction of various districts in Tokyo, exotic places that are not in general travel guides, and small shops that produce high quality products made in Japan that are not in the main tourist destination. For visitors to get to know Tokyo in many angles.

Organizers have announced prices for most events. The most expensive seats for the opening ceremony will be about $2,700. Cheaper options for both the opening and closing ceremonies start at about $107. The most expensive ticket for an actual event is about $1,160. That event will likely be the final of the men's 100-meter sprint. The cheapest tickets are around $22 for 8 sports, including soccer, rugby sevens, and softball. The price is considered a standard for global competition that requires high investment like this. In addition to tickets for general audiences, there are also special tickets for people with disabilities, seniors, visitors in groups, such as student groups.

Anyone who wants to be a part of Tokyo 2020, don't think that it is still a long time to the competition day. If you don't want to miss the opportunity to be part of a world-class event and get accommodation at a price that is not too expensive, must hurry and plan your trip early. Because just a normal time, the hotel accommodation in Tokyo is not cheap and the more convenient area that is near the train station is even more expensive and fully booked quickly. Do have to think that during the Olympics how quick will be full and how much more expensive will be. Plan you trip early and book a hotel with a credit card with worry free because you can book now, pay later without cancelation free. Let count down the Tokyo Olympics 2020 with the SCB JCB credit card.