Tools for importers to easily find new products and partners like using an application

The true story that international businesspeople face

Importers of products do not have to waste time traveling to Trade Fair 3 days 5 days anymore because with the new online platform SCB Trade Club provides a shortcut way for importers to contact trade partners every day, anytime, anywhere easily and safely via every familiar device. Khun Kaniya Isariyapracha from Vogue Living Limited will tell us about the ease of use of the SCB Trade Club, helping to find both import and export partners that are as simple as using general applications.

The fun of importing business and being a distributor

"Fun and interesting should come from the flexibility that we can choose from. Bring any product to be distributed in the country No restrictions on Production Capacity or the matter of production that must be produced specifically. Because we are distributors, we saw something interesting. What are the new trends? Or seeing the opportunity of the growth of any type of product, we can select that product and then import it to sell in Thailand. " Khun Jean, Kaniya Isariyapracha from Vogue Living Limited, importer and distributor of food, confectionery, kitchenware for over 26 years. Tell us the fun of being an importer and distributor. She believes that flexibility can make this business easier to create as a business opportunity than being a manufacturer.

When there are more competitors have to adjust more

"Now there's no need to sell at the mall. It can sell online and able to sell directly to the customers via Social Commerce, and especially nowadays it is quite open for new players to get into the market a lot easier than before. " Khun Jean describes the competition in a business where competitors are entering the field much easier. Unlike in the olden days, there were language restrictions, communication, traveling to meet partners. As well as having a high level of capital but now with technology Easier travel, it encourages new competitors Come into this business more easily

With more competitors, what are the advantages, or potential that Vogue Living can maintain its strength in the market? Khun Jean Seen is a long experience that makes it easy to see which product is selling or not selling and which products are suitable for our home market and will be accepted. Imported and will not lose. While new competitors when the product is sold but may not be able to successfully market that product for the long term. In which these matters require experience together with having a good relationship with every partner channel, whether shopping malls or various stores, which have good relationships that can help in negotiating the cost to be cheaper than the new entrants.

When the lifestyle of the consumers has changed, the business has to change accordingly

"In the past, going back 10 years or 5 years ago, the product Life cycle of almost every product is long. We brought in one product. It can be sold with us for 20 years. "Khun Jean talks about doing business in the olden days. She goes on to say that today, many of the company's product portfolios are still 10 years, 20 years old, but more and more products have shorter life cycles. This is in line with the behavior of consumers today who like to experiment with new things all the time, constantly changing, get bored easily. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to create excitement for consumers. "Suppose if it is an original brand, then we have to bring in new flavors, for example, the candies we make have to be flavored with milk tea, like that, in order to respond to the current trend, "said Khun Jean. Which if existing brands do not have new product development then they must find new types of products or maybe in the same category but with new flavors, new packaging to create excitement, or increase sales to replace the lost sales of the old one. Being replaced by competitors or changing consumer behavior today

New ways to easily find new products and contact partners

Khun Jean said that if in the olden days, the traditional method was to go to trade fairs in foreign countries around the world. And see the products that open a booth. If interested, go to negotiate a business talk about the price and various conditions. The process takes about 3-5 days. Khun Jean went on to say that once he went to a trade fair, she didn't dare to ask a rather sensitive question like sales, subject expertise of partners. As a young woman and for the first time, having to talk to a more mature partner makes her unable to ask, and the other person does not answer directly. Which is another problem encountered when going to trade fairs

The next method is a little easier if traveling to a supermarket overseas. If you see a product that is currently not being sold in our market and interested, then email to ask or sometimes call to ask. After talking to a certain extent, they will fly to see the factory. See if he really exists. Does the factory meet all the documentation standards that Thailand needs to import? Which is still traditional.

"Now it's easier to have  SCB Trade Club that helps us find partners, whether import or export. For us, the import is the main. The Trade Club helps us a lot. By choosing from products that interest us or the market that we are interested in We may have to go to the destination country first and then select the product group, you can see a list of many manufacturers. We can see how large his organization is. How much are his sales? Aside from being a manufacturer, are you also a Trader? There is a background for us to study. We were able to get to know a new brand or a new factory from the SCB Trade Club. "Khun Jean told us about a new online channel that helps us to search for new products and new partners easily, conveniently, and with complete information in one place.

SCB Trade Club is not only useful for importers, Vogue Living itself even now import is the key business but began to have ideas to export as well. Khun Jean considers the SCB Trade Club to help open the door to study the export market, which countries need products that the company has, or is a distributor or not. Even OEMs are manufactured under their own brands and exported. This platform makes it easier to open the export market. Khun Jean told us that there was a case contacted via email saying he saw the company's products and wanted to sell them in Malaysia. Khun Jean cannot know whether the contact person is trustworthy or not or have good credit? Meaning not knowing any background of that company. She said that the background information about trading partners available in the SCB Trade Club can be used to filter partners to a certain extent and gives the courage to start a business with new partners, whether importing or exporting.

Easy to use function No different from the application

"In the past, I had to walk for the fair for 3 days, 5 days, but now can do it every day, every time I can chat. Meaning there will be a button to send a message. If you're interested, we can talk to him and chat. Like a chat application. "
Khun Jean describes the ease in using SCB Trade Club with simple functions. No different from the applications that we are familiar with.

Which having the chat function makes it easier for both parties to talk to each other Used to introduce myself About each side, who is doing business, what expertise What products are in the port? Including business cards of each company in the system as well Make both sides able to Pre-screening each other. If you want to ask in more detail, you can continue chatting. "We see that it helps us save time because we can get to know each other first. If finished, if he goes to a trade fair, we meet the real person, then we can continue to talk and then close the deal. Instead of having to sit and communicate with each other via email. "

Screening for reliable partners that meet standards

Khun Jean told about meeting a Chinese partner at a trade fair in Guangdong. Initially, everything looks like a standard partner because of having a booth at the trade fair and including has all the certificates that The FDA needs. Talked to the stage of registration of the import of goods has been completed and can import now. So will go to see the real factory in China. When arriving at the factory, she is shocked because the factory manager is wearing slippers Clothes look unclean and lacking standards. Each employee wears a cloth-like stay at home but works in the factory. Machinery is not clean, rusty, or dirty, cobweb environment. These things cannot be seen at all in the product. Finally, having to cancel the deal because cannot be able to bring products from this factory to sell to Thai people. Which wastes both time and money to fly to see the factory.

 SCB Trade Club has filtered the standards of the entrepreneurs to a certain extent. Because regardless of which entrepreneurs are members, they must be selected by the bank Therefore, the financial situation must be stable to a certain extent. "Khun Jean added.

When the world changes Consumer behavior has changed Technology has opened the world for easier communication and doing business for both importers and exporters. The SCB Trade Club platform can be used to search for partners in each country and industry of their choice. Including the study of statistical data about documents and regulations. Enabling both parties to know the background of each other, whether it matches. Which helps to save time and easily negotiate to talk in a single channel, no different from applications that are familiar to us in general Functional, complete and modern like this, businessmen who see an opportunity should not miss

Business customers who are interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club, can request the business relations manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222.