High-end product export business, business partners with the same mindset is key

The true story that international businesspeople face

Luxury product manufacturing That must have a high standard to export to be branded as a global high-end brand is not an easy task. Khun Nuttaset Poonsubmanee, CEO IDP Packaging Co., Ltd will talk about the difficulty of business that has to be thoroughly certified and not just our company that has a high standard, suppliers or suppliers must also have the same standards. Finding partners that can become trusted partners with the same idea is not an easy task. But it's not too poor if we get in the right channel Having a trusted partner Is like having a good friend who will shake hands to mutual success.

Every special Mass Product

"We are not in the ordinary box business. Our box is with the reputation of the brand that is placed on the box. Some boxes may only have one time in life that someone will use or wear. Every box produced by the factory must pay attention to every piece of every item. The box is mass production. We must treat every box as a special world-class brand. " Khun Nuttaset Poonsubmanee, CEO IDP Packaging Co., Ltd, the manufacturer exports luxury packaging products to leading brands around the world. Tell us about the meticulousness of packaging for high-end products. When every product that leaves the factory must have high standards Khun Top, therefore, pays attention to communication with partners and suppliers to understand exactly what the business is doing. Where are we what is a luxury. Why do I need a high specification? To create an understanding for everyone to see the same image so that they can move forward to the same destination.

The brutal checkpoint that the production of luxury goods must go through

"For example, if it is paper, we have to use paper that is FSC only. Therefore, having a specification or having an FSC name under the factory must go through a lot of checks. Just paper but if some brands are European specifications must pass Check all the checks since the staff is clean? How many hours What are the benefits of the company for employees? How many fires escape doors How many bathrooms Are there female or male divide breaks? How is the factory edition? Is there a lot of dust? What is the atmosphere of the factory? All of this will be checked. Like now, I have invested in a factory in Myanmar. The first question I was asked about is how old the staff there are, and are there children? How can we guarantee that Standard People there and people here too How do we manage? It's very detailed. " Khun Top describes the difficulties and standards that must be passed, all of which are not just your top factory, but the suppliers' factories or factories in the chain must have the same standards. Therefore, people must be sent to inspect each factory, which takes time. "But it's easiest if he has documents to confirm he has passed these standards. It's easier to talk about, "said Top, and that will be easier if we have access to resources that have been selected and certified as standard.

Credit financing from suppliers is an important issue that is hard to know

"Really, in the past, credit in finance matters couldn't be checked. Because we don't know which company name, they use Where do they open their accounts, in which country, and how are their finances? It's quite difficult to talk about finance.” In the past, Mr. Top used the feeling of how he felt when meeting each partner. Or use the reputation issue of how long this company has been in the market Can be trusted or not or is referenced through acquaintances. "But now, the SCB Trade Club can come to help us as Verify that the company has real bank accounts in that country. And can confirm that the credit is good Is already a screen in finance. I am happy that he has a root and Knows where he is, and he also has credit for doing business too. " Khun Top describes the benefits of a helper such as SCB Trade Club, which makes it easier to find business partners that are credible and certified with good credit.

Before holding hands together must pass the test

Finding your partner, Khun TOP starts with friends. Starting with the partner or customer that will be forwarded to know There is no way to know how to get to know a good and reliable new partner. Which you will continue to use searches and before, Khun Top agrees to do business with each partner, he must pass various tests. Because the partners who walk together must trust each other Must know, they know us "Like dating a girlfriend Sometimes we have to get to know each other for a couple of years before we can do business together. " Such as having to test the delivery of products back and forth. Do it for a while Until confident Therefore began to be a serious partner. "Whenever my business is kicked off, it can't be reversed. I must guarantee that my items must be delivered on time. " Khun Top goes on to describe the problem when the product isn't delivered on time, must be sent by plane instead Which is very expensive. "So, if we have a partner, we can trust that we can deliver on time Have good financial credit Not only good for us but also good with other partners. There is no risk of interruption during production. "

Businesses must do for the purpose.

Mindset is another matter that Top is very important because he thinks that doing business today is no longer just for money. But must do it for purpose, to do it for certain purposes. "I think businesses that do for money may not be sustainable anymore Because now the world is changing very fast. " Therefore, Khun Top is very important to meet and talk to the owner or executive of partners to learn how to think and work in the same direction or not, have a positive attitude and see that a business is possible "Because I believe that if you want to do it all As he said that if there will be, there will be away. Therefore, I want to look at the way of thinking or the mindset of the people we will work with Whether he sees the possibility or sees the opportunity to do business together or not. "If meeting partners that talk and understand each other See the same opportunity Doing business together will be much easier.

Partners are trusted, friends

"For me, partners are like partners. Is our trusted friend. In life we ​​have a lot of people to know. But the people that we are close and reliable. It can count fingers. There are not many people. I look the same with business. We don't need a lot. Because if there are a lot, it will be difficult to control what control too " Therefore, Khun TOP is focusing on quality. Having a good partner has the same mindset, the same way of thinking, have the same goal. "I think we better keep this group of people and we'll grow together." Same with the staff that has invested in development because both the company and the employees will come to grow the company together. This man doesn't look at everything as a business or about growth in numbers alone but focusing on growth in terms of experience Growth in work, thinking. "I see it as a human form of management. I see it as a family matter. Even though my company has 2-3 thousand people, I want it to be in the form of a family. Warm and close and grow together "

Creating relationships are more important than numbers

"I give more importance to relationships than numbers. Because I think that the numbers are not sustainable, we may profit today. Tomorrow may not be profitable Numbers, sometimes it can be done Sometimes it even deceives us. " Khun Top thinks that fighting with numbers is not fun. But focus on fighting with the way of thinking Better to work with fun and challenges. Same with the staff Khun Top thinks that if they don't think so Don't believe it Can't go on. Therefore, he emphasizes on building good relationships with people at all levels, including people inside, who are employees. And the people outside are partners and customers Try to get the ideas or dreams of all parties in the same direction. Therefore, attaches importance to good communication with employees Partners and customers throughout "I think this is very important. If I were to talk about numbers with the staff, the numbers didn't feel the numbers changed all the time. But the relationship is only continuous development. "Khun Top concluded.

How can SCB Trade Club help with a business?

"SCB already has a partnership with a bank in Switzerland. Our business comes from Switzerland and France. Therefore, putting us in the Trade Club gives us another form of acceptance. Creating awareness that we are here Good credit for our company. "Being a member of the Trade Club will help the company name to be well-known in different industries as well. In addition to the original industry that is already known Which may help to expand the business to other branches Again in the future

Having a good business partner is the key to doing international business. Relying only on advice or word of mouth is not enough Because we have no way of knowing that people or that company or how trustworthy and reliable. Because we have no way of knowing that people or that company or how trustworthy and reliable Don't waste time trying it out today. Try again, because SCB Trade Club has put together a reliable partner. And has been selected and certified by 14 leading banks, more than 21,000 from 51 countries around the world. At least you can be relieved to some extent as a partner with good credit, tangible, and then continue to communicate further who will be a partner with the right mindset for you in the future.

Business customers who are interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club, can request the business relations manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222.