“Asoke-Ratchada” The prime location for a work-life balance lifestyle

During rush hour of Bangkok life, the location for convenient life to work and live a life is in need. This is another way to reduce stress that we are facing in everyday life and this “Asoke-Ratchada” area is another interesting location in this big city. From an old commercial and living area turned into another CBD (Central Business District) of Bangkok after MRT subway passed through which is the answer for real working-lifestyle needs.

Many offices are located at Ratchada

A various modern office is in Asoke-Ratchada area whether Stock Exchange of Thailand building which was moved from Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Khlong Toey. Next are AIA CAPITAL CENTER buildings which host many company offices. Also, near the Ratchada-Rama IX intersection, there is UNILEVER HOUSE, the headquarter office of regional UNILEVER Asia-Pacific. Besides the premium office, another upcoming government project, Makkasan Complex, covering 497 rais which will be constructed by auction for any private company soon.

Convenient life with MRT

Get to your destination soonest with MRT subway, the most convenient transportation, which is the main factor that makes this area suddenly become the prime zone. The condominium capital gain around Rama IX MRT station was increasing 11% per year. And for Sukhumvit area, the condominium price also increased the most for 5.6% per year, while Phetchaburi station and Thailand Cultural Center station area price was increased 4.3 - 9.9% per year and 4.2 - 6.1%, respectively.

In addition, the in-future transportation project as in Bangkok PPP Fast Track plan is the MRT Orange Line which will help increasing more potential and it is in the waiting-for-auction step. After it starts auction and construction, this will induce the capital gain of the area around MRT Rama IX to the next level since this Orange Line will pass 2 stations which are Thailand Cultural Center station area and Rama IX road area (700m along Rama IX road from MRT Rama IX).

Shopping, dining and chilling center

Another indispensable thing is department store, community mall, shops and market where are the after work and weekend relaxing places and for necessary grocery shopping. These are already in “Asoke-Ratchada” area which is suitable for everyone lifestyle and includes a major department store whether Central Rama IX which opened since 2011, Fortune Town, a large IT shopping mall, or The Street, the 24/7 for trendy and hipster hangout, and The Esplanade, the leading cinema and theater center.

Meanwhile if you are a market-lover, the must-go place is “Train Night Market Ratchada”, the most famous market for shopping, dining and chilling in the area which opens daily. The highlight for Thai and foreigner tourist is the do-not-miss famous street foods such as “Leng Zapp by Teaw Mae Klong”, “Teaw Kung Rod Fai” “Ping Yang Seafood Chao Dang”, “Phao Mam Loey”, or “Crazy Shrimp”. Besides, there is the loft-container pub zone for any party lover or as friends group party in the chic night vibes. Moreover, souvenirs, trendy clothes, bags, accessories and handcrafted products are for sale in reasonable price. All these things make “Train Night Market Ratchada” become one of the highlights of “Asoke-Ratchada” area.

Other important places

Another place which is considered as a foreigner magnet, especially a high-purchasing-power Chinese businessman, is “Embassy of The People's Republic of China in The Kingdom of Thailand”, to facilitate Chinese businessman. Also, Bank of China and Duty-Free building next to Unilever. Nowadays the number of Chinese businessmen is already overtaking the number of Japanese with 13% growth rate per year. We will see more Chinese businessman within the next few years.

With many combination factors, “Asoke-Ratchada” area is the prime location for living with a convenient way for a journey to work or to your destination together with many after-work and weekend relaxation, and a variety of shopping malls. Also, the convenient transportation, the business district and shopping mall center are the prosperity indicator for this area. “Asoke-Ratchada” is the New Business District (New CBD) for any Thai or foreigner investors. The property rental demand rate and the capital gain are increasing continuously which will make more profit for any property investor.

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Information from www.sansiriblog.com