Good partners in the export business are like a family that will grow up together

The true story that international businesspeople face

Although trade fairs or trade shows Will still be magical Most exporters still use Trade Fair to open new markets and find new partners. However, the limitations or pain points of the Fair-Trade event are quite a lot. Khun Theetipun Theppadungporn, Theppadungporn Coconut tells us about the trade fair limitations Both the cost is quite high and Have to spend a lot of time traveling and the time required to prepare. While in the end there may not be anything back to hand at all ... is it still worthwhile to go to the trade fair? On this day there is a new channel that does not require a fee. Don't have to travel Do not waste time preparing for a long time. But can contact to negotiate business anywhere, anytime with a screening partner that is trusted from all over the world That is ready to become a new member of your business family.

Traditional market expansion May is not the answer

"Normally, if it is a new country, we will find new markets by trade shows at various countries Each time, it takes quite a bit of preparation and the past customers will get some, not some. Sometimes going to close 1-2 cases each time, something like that. " Khun Theetipun Theppadungporn, International Marketing Manager, Theppadungporn Coconut, the manufacturer coconut milk “Chaokoh” That Thai people are familiar with and have been paired with Thai kitchens for generations, talked about joining a trade fair to find new markets and find new partners. Each visit is expensive and requires months of preparation and sometimes not getting a new partner back at all. "Each trade fair will encounter many problems. Sometimes there are a lot of customers coming in to contact you, but not really customers who want products. Some of us might want to come in to compare prices or come in to ask for information only. "Khun Thee said. He goes on to tell the latest trade fair in Canada, a market that the company has not visited for many years And there is not much information to use that preparation for quite a long time It is difficult to go by yourself when traveling or preparing products. And the result did not reach the expected target

The deal cannot be closed because it is not confident in the credit of the partner

Khun Thee said that One reason why the deal is difficult to close is since the company selects potential partners. Who Able to understand the business of the company reasonably. "Most of all is like we know a person. We just know him. We don't know that How is the background? How is his financial status? How reliable. We cannot make an immediate decision and therefore must spend time studying him. " And since the company focuses on doing business with partners, in the long run, it is also important to look at what their business is. Are they familiar with the company's products or products from Asia? What are the experience, the company size, and financial status? Are they able to run your business in the long run? And the risk of doing business together. He thinks that starting a business is not very difficult, but to do business together, in the long run, is not an easy task, must study well.

Would it be better to have a tool to verify the partner background?

Khun Thee told that if it is difficult for the company to check the information of the partners themselves, it is quite difficult. Therefore, the company usually does not give credit to new partners. Must have them transfer money at first, to ensure that will get money. But if there is a helper such as SCB Trade Club to help provide information of partners and banks help to screen as a reliable trader and Have good credit. You are very helpful in doing business."I think it's good because the Trade club helps us to see the data from our partners. We see his company information about what areas of expertise they have. How is his financial status It can help reduce the time in our process. As usual, sometimes we don't have a trade club. We try to do business ourselves; it may take a year or two to see what their potential is. His financial position We sell products. Will they have money to pay for us? But when there is a Trade club, there are other banks to help choose, we can be comfortable in this matter. "

Because in the past, I have found a case that has been deformed, such as having already ordered items. When the goods arrive at the port instead of not picking up the goods, it causes damage to the company and must waste time searching for other partners to pick up this product instead. Which although these events may be commonplace for export businesses to encounter having a method to select more good partners in the beginning so that entrepreneurs can protect themselves from potential risks and most importantly not losing business opportunities is therefore Very important

The faster you know information, the better your advantage the competitors

"When we do business, each country has different requirements. The use of documents that are not the same in each country, we need to prepare what documents to register import products. It is also quite difficult for us to keep updating his laws about how each country is using. It is also quite difficult for us to keep updating his laws about how each country is using. Because now the longer we sell in more countries It makes us not follow each country in time. " Khun Thee Tell us about the problem of data import regulations in each country that are different and constantly changing. Even if it is a strange country that has been encountered, such as Egypt or Africa that requires a lot of documents, it takes a long time. Or sometimes contacting partners there for difficult assistance Therefore requires studying and understand all the laws and regulations, which will take quite a long time

Khun Thee gives example, changing the import regulations that affect business. Such as cases in Myanmar that originally accepted packaging in the Thai language but later changing to the new rules that packaging to be sent into Myanmar must have the Burmese language as well, then cannot put the sticker on it. This is a case that is difficult and time-consuming because it must make new packaging specifically for Myanmar despite not being a large market with many sales. Every second wasted affects the business because time is a precious thing for entrepreneurs. "The sooner I know, the easier it is for us to work. In terms of duration, also the cost is also economical because we can plan when we will start using the new items. Do we still have old stock? If there is, we can manage all of it first and then we can use new things. It is considered a matter of time as well as saving for us as well. " Because if we stop walking, competitors are ready to overtake us all the time Therefore, if there is an online platform that gathers information and updates the laws of different countries. Complete details such as the Trade Portal, which is a part of the SCB Trade Club, will save both time and labor in studying the entrepreneurs themselves. Which makes management more efficient

Because good partners are like family like we have representatives to set up companies in each country. Having a good partner or partner that can present our products correctly Can help build sales for us It Is like being part of a family that is ready to grow together. SCB Trade Club is ready to help entrepreneurs ensure that business partners who are part of the business family have good background and credibility. Without wasting time, trial, and error. Or waste time studying for years and found later that the wrong partner was chosen at first Which is a very waste of business opportunity Because every minute has meaning for your growth.

Business customers who are interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club, can request the business relations manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222.

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