Trusted business partner an important punch in Import-Export Business

The true story that international business people face

Finding a reliable business partner isn't easy. The more finding new partners who live in different hemisphere Different languages, different cultures are becoming increasingly difficult. Khun Jedsada Chindasook, Chindasook Group who is the Sanwa Faucet Manufacturers will share his experience with finding new partners. If choosing the wrong business partner, unless the business doesn't go anywhere may also be crooked or cheated as well. We Will both Waste time and waste business opportunities.

Finding the right business partner in a new market is not an easy task

"Like Indonesia, we have never traded with them before. Therefore, we must start marketing from one count. Is that since starting to find a partner That will help us bring products into that country, make various documents to pass the certification, distribute products to create brand awareness. All of these are very difficult. Very difficult in the manner that How do we find that person? That is our partner. In the past, this type of marketing it's like trial and error. We must go to a friend or acquaintances, slowly introduce each other to meet this person or not. Not sure he has a connection or not, he has a network to sell products. Is there a channel to sell the products or not? But we must try and try to do it with them, trading and later, did not get the money. "Khun Joe, Jedsada Chindasook, Chindasook Group who is the Sanwa Faucet Manufacturers. Which, in addition to domestic sales, also exported to the Middle East and our neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and most recently Indonesia. Khun Joe told us about the difficulty of finding a partner in a new market. In which everything takes time, budget, and risks that may occur If there is no information of each pair of eyes that is reliable or not. Which is a very important point in expanding the market in the future.

How much can we trust people in Trade Fair?

Khun Joe described the trade fair, which is creating brand awareness, creating an image to let people who may be partners know that we have a company in this industry Exist in the market. Which may be a way to find new partners But in truth Going to trade fairs Is to set up a booth Which will be approached by some people who might say that they are potential Interested in our products Interested in selling Want to become a partner Or even requesting to be an exclusive dealer. Which cannot know if what he claims is true or not, He has real potential, real sales, real money or not. If getting in and agreeing to do business with the one who is not the real one will waste both time and worse, maybe cheated. Because there is no guarantee or certification from a trusted organization Which you considered very important "Must be hurt for a while," Khun Joe added.

Easier to find reliable partners

How good would it be when having the first and only platform to connect Thai merchants to new and reliable business partners? And has been certified by 14 leading banks, more than 21,000 from 51 countries around the world. New doors that open the opportunity to find a trusted partner. To promote the invasion of foreign markets without restriction Reduce the burden of traveling expenses overseas, can contact to negotiate the purchase order to close the sale on the platform Don't waste time Lost money to send people to work Trade Fair can do Business matching anywhere, anytime.

SCB Trade Club will come to help with this matter. In providing information the story of a person who can import products in each category such as mine is a faucet. Suppose we put the HS Code of the faucet export. Information will come up that Our products have many people importing into that country, who buy in bulk, and each one has good credit or not. The bank of each country, he has inspected. Already selected and certified Here it is another comfort to be a relief. "

Increase the potential in resource management and marketing

When there are online platforms that can find and connect with certified partners that have the potential from all over the world. Resulting in shorter time periods and greater resource savings but get more results. In which Khun Joe considered the importance of time and resources management as an important matter. Especially with a family business that doesn't have a lot of human resources. Especially in new markets or in high-risk markets to take the time to go out into the new market is quite limited. "In a simple matter, we are going to go around the world in 3 years. There is no way, but if we have good information like the Trade Club has said Are there any interesting partners? And then can help us import products or distribute products and then able to receive the money back Will enable us to do it " Instead of having to travel on your own, use the SCB Trade Club data. A deal, just twice, may close the sale. Makes everything faster, easier, which ultimately results in increased work efficiency and marketing

Business Matching will not be difficult to spend time with. Trial and error and take risks longer. With a combination of 14 leading financial institutions around the world that help select and certify trusted partners with good credit. Today the opportunity to expand the market and open new business opportunities at your fingertips Business customers who are interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club can request the business relations manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222.2