Fail Fast, Fail Often Agile tactics for success

During changes in the digital age Flexible business can handle unforeseen situations quickly is the key to the success and survival of the organization. The concept of Agile work is another dimension that many agencies have applied. to increase competitiveness, increase the speed of adaptation. Mr. Wisanu Sricharoen, Senior Director Chief Executive Officer, Transformation Group Siam Commercial Bank shared the principles of Agile with the participants of Mission X: The Boot Camp of Advanced Corporate Transformation, Generation 4 as follows:

The definition of a successful project

Project management consists of 3 components called Triangle Project Management. Khun Wissanu said that the first part is Scope, what is the scope of work? Part 2 Resource, who is involved? How to use resources and budget. Part 3 Schedule Time of work. where all 3 parts must be balanced So what is the definition of a successful Project? The answer is the value we deliver to our customers. Users and Teams

When doing a real project, sometimes you may not know what the product will look like, even if the concept is good, but when it is implemented may be subject to various regulations. So, in doing a project while working for a while It may not be the same as what was discussed in the first place. for example, we’ve never seen an elephant before. If each person tries to describe an imaginary picture of an elephant. Different people may describe different faces. How to make everyone see the same elephant image? Therefore, the same goal is important.

The old way of working is 1. Requirement. Must complete 100% before starting the project. 2. Plan when to get the job. 3. Work until the output comes out 4. When finished, let the customer or user see the First Outcome 5. The customer or user gives feedback. Some projects work for 3 – 6 months. customers don't want or made it out and no one uses it Not the same as the one who talked to the User in the first place.

For this reason, it is the origin of a new type of work in the Agile model, which is bringing people from different departments. Let's work together as a team in a cross-function way. to have communication coordinating between each other smoothly. Divide the work into small phases and bring the results to get feedback to improve. The project is a short cycle, known as a sprint, most of the time is about 2 weeks or 1 month. It is a cycle of work to get feedback from customers or users. will know that the work that has been done is it right Minimize risks and possible damage.

Agile work philosophy

The concept of collaboration consists of four elements.

1. Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools

2. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

3. Working Output over Comprehensive Documentation

4 Responding to Change over Following a Plan

Most businesses, when deploying Agile, may encounter problems. what to do with this concept. Khun Witsanu said that if the business is changing rapidly, it is best to do sprints of 2 weeks per month, but if the business is slow to change, then a 1-month sprint can be done. As for phasing the work into smaller, shorter jobs in each sprint, it uses a principle called scrum. What do you need to do in this round? Step 2 Do a 15 - 30-minute stand-up meeting to find Ownership for the job and find the blocker of the work that causes the project to be slower than planned. When obstacles are encountered, discussions will continue after the meeting. This will not waste other people who are not involved in the waste of time.

When asked how should each Sprint meet? The answer is that it should be chosen according to the nature of the job. No need to meet every day. Step 3. Do Sprint Demo is to show the results of each round for customers or users to see and give feedback on whether the work is done in the right direction or meets the needs or not. Step 4. . Retrospective is to look at the results that you have done in the past round. Have you done well? What else should be improved? to get the job done faster or better

Important lessons in Agile

   ·   You need to know how to use the Agile concept, how to do it, and how to do it quickly. Because for any business, speed is important.

   ·  Must have discipline in working together in Agile.

  ·   If there is a lot of work, the switching cost will be very high, resulting in slow completion of the job, so focus on completing the work in a short period of time.

  ·  When working, showing data is good. Although the work of each team is not the same. may not be directly compared, but when people see the results of other teams a fierce battle Because it is human nature to like competition.

  ·   If the work is done in rounds, when it's done, there should be a discussion. what to change the speed of work will improve immediately.

 · Prioritization should be done. because nowadays So much work that I don't know what to do before or after. Just make a list so you can see what's urgent and what's important.

  ·  Agile must create visibility. until some value came out

 ·  Agile is just a concept. When implementing it, it should be done together with Lean Startup and Design Thinking.

Before parting, Khun Witsanu concluded that “Agile's principle is not just about doing, it's about the mindset of people working together to achieve results that share a common goal. Do the same thing and get the same results. for changing something the easiest thing is to change yourself. If everyone helps to change themselves Finally, the overall picture will be able to change.” So is Agile. If everyone in the organization agrees to change their minds Changing the way of doing Agile will be successful.


Source: Mission X: The Boot Camp of Advanced Corporate Transformation, Class 4 by Mr. Wisanu Sricharoen, Senior Director Chief Executive Officer, Transformation Group Siam Commercial Bank Date 19 July 2022 at Siam Commercial Bank Head Office